Your question: Which class dominated the Indian society during the rule of Delhi Sultanate?

During the reign of the Delhi Sultanate, the society was divided into different sections. After the advent of the Muslims, the society constituted of the foreign Muslims, the Indian Muslims and the Hindus. Among them, foreign Muslims constituted the ruling class.

What was the main features of the Indian society under the Delhi Sultanate?

The Delhi sultanate society was broadly divided into four major groups viz. nobles (Aristocrats), Priests, Towns people and Peasants. Nobles included Sultan and his relatives, courtiers and holders of Iqta, Hindu and Muslim chieftains, merchants, bankers etc.

Who were the rulers of Delhi Sultanate?

Timeline of Delhi Sultanate

Name of Sultan Years of ruling
Qutub-Ud-din Aibek AD 1206- 1210
Shams-ud-din Iltutmish AD 1211-1236
Razia Begum AD 1236- 1240
Muizuddin Bahram Shah (1240 – 1242)

What did the Delhi Sultanate create in terms of social class?

During the Delhi Sultanate, the society was in transition phase. Based on the religion, people were broadly categorised into Hindus and Muslims. Muslims were again divided into two categories: nobility and the chiefs. … This established the social stratification among Muslims.

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What led to the success of the Delhi Sultanate in India?

After a long period of infighting, the Mamluks were overthrown in the Khalji revolution which marked the transfer of power from the Turks to a heterogenous Indo-Mussalman nobility. Both of the resulting Khalji and Tughlaq dynasties respectively saw a new wave of rapid Muslim conquests deep into South India.

Who was the first king of India?

Ans: Chandragupta Maurya was the first king/ruler of Ancient India.

Why did the Delhi Sultans Favour their slaves?

Ans. The early Delhi Sultans, especially Iltutmish, favoured their special slaves purchased for military service because they were carefully trained to man some of the most important political offices in the kingdom. Since they were totally dependent upon their master, the Sultan could trust and rely upon them.

Who was the weakest Sultan?

Sikandar Lodi is considered as the weakest Sultan during the Delhi Sultanate .

Why were Delhi Sultans interested in cutting down forests?

The Delhi Sultans wanted to extend cultivation in order to collect more land revenue. Thus, they ordered the cutting of forests. Also,The Delhi Sultans were highly interested in cutting down forests so that they could provide land to the peasants as well as carry out agricultural practices.

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