You asked: Which is the most Unspread relief features of India?

India’s most prevalent relief feature is plains, i.e. 42.2 per cent of the landscape. The Indian peninsula consists mainly of plains and occupies a total area of 700,000 sq km. It is referred to as the wide plains of the Indo Gangetic and has main rivers such as the Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra & total boundary of 15.

Which is the most Underspread relief features of India * 1 point?

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spread.. Plains is the most widespread relief feautre in India. About 43%of land is under plain. India’s most prevalent relief feature is plains, i.e. 42.2 per cent of the landscape.

What are the main relief features of India?

The relief features of India are- Himalayan Mountains, Northern Plains, Peninsular Plateau, Indian Desert, Coastal Plains, Islands.

Which relief features of India has 30 percent?

India has land under a variety of relief features, namely; mountains, plateaus, plains and islands. About 43 percent of the land area is plain, which provides facilities for agriculture and industry. Mountains account for 30 percent of the total surface area of the country.

What are the 6 relief features of India?

What are the 6 major relief features of India? Explain.

  • the himalayas.
  • the indo – gangetic plain.
  • the peninsular plateau.
  • the costal plains.
  • the desert(thar)
  • the island.
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What are the 3 main relief features of India?

What are the major relief features of India?

  • northern mountains.
  • northern plains.
  • peninsular plateau.
  • great Indian desert.
  • coastal plain.
  • and island groups.

What is the physical feature of India?

In fact, our country has practically all major physical features of the earth, i.e., mountains, plains, deserts, plateaus and islands. The land of India displays great physical variation. Geologically, the Peninsular Plateau constitutes one of the ancient landmasses on the earth’s surface.

What is the main feature of India?

The Peninsular Plateau defines the physical features of India. It is mainly composed of old igneous, crystalline, and metamorphic rocks and is also one of the oldest landmasses.

The Peninsular Plateau.

Western Ghats Eastern Ghats
Their average elevation is 900– 1600 metres Their average elevation is 600 metres

What are relief features?

Answer: The characteristics that are related to the landscape of specific areas are known as relief features. They are not anything like the pattern of drainage that involves water channels. But water patterns are not included in the relief features.

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