Why was India the brightest jewel in the crown?

India was considered the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ for the British Empire due to India’s resources and location. India is in between England and China so it was perfect for the silk trade. … England wanted to trade with China, and India is on the way to China as seen on the map below.

Why India was considered the brightest jewel in the crown?

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What India is known as, this country had valuable resources that Europe wanted to exploit, like diamonds, cotton, wheat and other goods. … He called India “the brightest jewel in the crown“. In 1876, Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India, and British monarchs retained the title until 1947.

Who named India as the brightest jewel in the crown of British Empire and why?

It was Lieutenant Churchill of the 4th Hussars. Neville Chamberlain also visited India before he became an MP. He was a businessman in Birmingham, manufacturing metal ship berths, at the time of his travels in 1904–5.

Who named India as the brightest jewel in the crowd?

Britain profited greatly from India, called the “Brightest Jewel of the British Empire.” The Indian masses, however, continued to live close to starvation, and the British had little respect for the native Indian culture.

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Why did thousands of Boers move north in the Great Trek?

Why did thousands of Boers move North in the Great Trek? To escape the British. What was the main reason for the Crimean War? Russia wanted land on the Black sea to get to the Mediterranean.

Why did the British want India?

In claiming India as a colony, Great Britain also wanted to assert its mission of exporting their supposedly better culture to the rest of the world. As they considered themselves a superior race, the British felt a moral imperative to improve the welfare of the people under their rule.

Who is the real owner of Kohinoor?


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