Who manufactures Realme phones in India?

Native name 真我
Key people Sky Li (李炳忠) (CEO) (Global) Madhav Sheth (SVP) (CEO) (realme India and Europe) Xu Qi (徐起) (CMO) Yao Kun (姚坤) (CTO) Wang Wei (王伟) (CPO)
Products Smartphones Earphones Powerbanks Realme UI Phone cases AIoT products Bags Smart TVs
Parent Oppo, BBK Electronics
Website www.realme.com

Are Realme phones manufactured in India?

Currently, the company is producing all its smartphones and TVs in India with the help of its contract manufacturing partners.

Where are Realme phones manufactured?

Realme’s manufacturing is done in India within Oppo’s manufacturing unit facility in Greater Noida. Due to this facility about 10,000 jobs have created. Realme’s Smartphone facility has expanded to the Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Where are Realme products made?

He also added that all the Realme smartphones are manufactured in India and that it’s manufacturing facility located in Greater Noida has been able to create over 7,500 direct jobs for Indian citizens.

Is Realme banned in India?

Realme phones have shipped with bloatware so far, including apps such as UC Browser and Helo that are no more legally allowed to use in India. … The OTA updates for all Realme phones that have any of the banned apps will roll out latest by early August.

Is realme a trusted brand?

As per a survey, they are India’s 4th preferred smartphone brand. They started by launching realme 1 in association with Oppo and now they are a separate brand. They are following the brand philosophy and marketing strategy from their rival Xaomi, i.e. to provide good quality configuration phones at affordable prices.

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Is Mi better than Realme?

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G offers more features when compared to the Realme V15, but at a slightly higher price tag. Of course, this depends on the Realme V15 India pricing being lower than the Mi 10i.

Is iQOO a Chinese company?

iQOO is a Chinese smartphone brand and manufacturer. The company was founded on 30 January 2019 as a subsidiary of the smartphone manufacturer Vivo. Now it operates independently from Vivo.

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