Who is the first university in India?

Nalanda University is known as the first university in India. The university was established in the 5th century and lasted till the 13th century. UGC re-established Nalanda University in 2007.

Who started university in India?

Founders of Indian Universities, Institutions and Colleges

College/ University Founded year Founded by
Vishwa Bharti University, Kolkata 1921 Rabindranath Tagore
Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi 1920 Mohammad Ali Jouhar Hakim Ajmal Khan
Aligarh Muslim University 1875 Syed Ahmad Khan
Kalakshetra, Chennai 1936 Rukmini Devi Arundale

Which is the second university in India?

List of Oldest Operational Universities of India

Rank University Established
2 University of Calcutta 1857
3 University of Mumbai 1857
4 University of Madras 1857
5 Aligarh Muslim University 1875

Who built Nalanda university?


Builder King Kumaragupta I
Founded 5th century
Abandoned 13th century
Cultures Buddhism

How many universities are there in India in 2020?

As of 2020, India has over 1000 universities, with a break up of 54 central universities, 416 state universities, 125 deemed universities, 361 private universities and 159 Institutes of National Importance which include AIIMS, IIMs, IIITs, IISERs, IITs and NITs among others.

Which State University is best in India?

Top 10 State Universities in India 2015

Rank Name of the university Place
# 1 University of Calcutta Kolkata
# 2 Osmania University Hyderabad
# 3 University of Madras Chennai
# 4 Jadavpur University Kolkata
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How many university is oldest in India?

The University of Madras, established 1857, is one of the three oldest modern state universities in India, the others being the University of Calcutta and the University of Mumbai.

Universities by state and type.

State Kerala (list)
Central universities 1
State universities 15
Deemed universities 3
Private universities

Where is the oldest school in the world?

Guinness World Records lists the world’s oldest school as University of al-Qarawiyyin in Fes, Morocco. Al- Qarawiyyin gets the stamp because it has been in continuous operation since 859.

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