Who is the first citizen of India answer?

The President of India is termed the First Citizen of India.

Who is the first citizen of India GK?

Who is the first citizen of India? Notes: The President who is also the head of the Indian State, is the first citizen of India and acts as the symbol of the unity, integrity and solidarity of the Indian nation.

Who is called the first citizen of the state?

Complete answer:

The current President of India is Ram Nath Kovind. The President of India acts as the symbol of unity, solidarity, and integrity of the Nation and is the first citizen of India. He is the head of the Indian state and also the Supreme Commander of the defense forces of India.

Who is the first woman citizen of India?

Savita Kovind (born 15 April 1952) is an Indian government servant and has been the First Lady of India since 25 July 2017.

Savita Kovind
Assumed role 25 July 2017
President Ram Nath Kovind
Preceded by Suvra Mukherjee

Who is the president of India?

Who was the youngest prime minister of India?

The youngest person to become Prime Minister was Rajiv Gandhi, who became Prime Minister at the age of 40 years, 72 days.

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Who is the prime minister of India?

What is proof of citizenship in India?

However, to obtain these, they will have to “reside” in their original homeland, which is practically impossible, given that their family is residing in India. Interestingly, the passport and the birth certificate of the foreigner’s husband/wife would be considered proof of citizenship.

What is my citizenship in India?

A person born in India on or after 26th January 1950 but before 1st July, 1987 is citizen of India by birth irrespective of the nationality of his parents. considered citizen of India by birth if either of his parents is a citizen of India at the time of his birth.

Can a person have two passports in India?

As per the law in India, it is not allowed to hold two citizenships at the same time. It is being allowed in some other countries like the United States, but to hold two passports are not allowed under Indian Law.

Which countries have single citizenship?

Complete Answer:

One of the countries which allow dual citizenship is the USA. Accordingly, a person is a citizen of the USA and the country in which he/she resides. Single citizenship allows a person to be a citizen of only one country at a time. Countries which facilitate single citizenship are England, India, etc.

Why president is the first citizen of India?

The president is referred to as the first citizen of India. Although vested with these powers by the Constitution of India, the position is largely a ceremonial one and executive powers are de facto exercised by the prime minister.

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