Which place Apple is best in India?

Which state apple is best?

The top ten apple producing states are Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon, Ohio and Idaho (U.S. Apple Association, 2018).

Which is the sweetest apple in India?

Red Gold. The sweetest tasting apple ever, there is no doubt that the Red Gold is one of the most preferred types of apples everywhere, including in India. The hybrid of the Golden Delicious and the Red Delicious, these shiny deep red fruits grow mainly in Kashmir as a mid season variant.

Which quality of apple is best?

Apples with full color have absorbed lots of sunlight which leads to great flavors. Give your apple a sniff: A fresh, high-quality apple should have a pleasant aroma. This will vary by variety with some apples (like Gala) having a stronger fragrance than others.

Who is called the fruit basket of India?

​Hence, the correct answer is Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh covers India’s area 1.7%, it is the 18th state in Terms of Country. A number of princely hilly states were integrated into a single unit to be administered by the Government of India.

Which city is called Apple city in India?

Mumbai may only be India’s second city in size, but it is without a doubt the subcontinent’s capital of commerce, glamour, and endless aspirations. In many ways, it resembles New York, although the metropolis once called Bombay is, of course, twice as large.

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Which state is famous for apples?

The top apple producing states are Washington, New York, Michigan,Pennsylvania, California and Virginia. In 2006, 58% of apples produced in the United States were produced in Washington, 11% in New York, 8% in Michigan, 5% in Pennsylvania, 4% in California and 2% in Virginia.

How do I choose an apple?

How to Pick an Apple

  1. Apples ripen from the outside of the tree towards the trunk. …
  2. Look for apples that are firm with no nicks or bruises. …
  3. Ripe apples are crisp and firm to the touch.
  4. When you find an apple you like, lift the apple upwards and give it a little twist to release it from the tree.

How do I know if Apple is bad?

Here are a few indications that an apple has begun to go bad:

  1. soft spots or bruising.
  2. wrinkled skin.
  3. holes and brown blemishes.
  4. liquid oozing from its skin.
  5. a mushy texture.
  6. a mealy or bland and grainy taste.
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