Question: Who is real character of gaitonde in Mumbai saga?

Who are the real life characters in Mumbai Saga?


  • John Abraham as Amartya Rao, (based on Amar Naik)
  • Emraan Hashmi as Inspector Vijay Savarkar (based on Vijay Salaskar)
  • Kajal Aggarwal as Seema Rao (based on Anjali Naik)
  • Rohit Roy as Jaykar “Baba” Shinde.
  • Anjana Sukhani as Sonali Khaitan.
  • Ashish Narang as then MLA Vishwas Patil, supported by Gaitonde.

Is Mumbai Saga hit or flop?

Actor John Abraham’s Mumbai Saga opened to a good response at the box office on Friday and collected Rs 2.82 crore (net) on the opening day. It failed to beat Roohi (Rs 3.06 crore) — the first major Bollywood film to release under the ‘new normal’.

Which mill is shown in Mumbai Saga?

Mumbai Saga is the latest film to depict the Great Bombay Textile Strike of 1982 in which almost 250,000 mill workers from 65 textile mills participated. The movement was led by the trade unionist Datta Samant.

Who dies Mumbai Saga?

Mumbai Saga follows the story of how Amartya Rao (loosely based on gangster DK Rao) rises to power and…well his fall. The real DK Rao is in jail, however Amartya Rao in the movie dies in an overtly dramatic clash with Emraan Hashmi.

Is Mumbai Saga a remake?

John Abraham and John Abraham starrer action-drama Mumbai Saga was released on Amazon prime video in April. … The news are coming that they are planning to remake this action film Mumbai Saga by making necessary changes according to the taste of Telugu people. Two heroes from the Mega compound will play the lead role.

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