Question: How much does a liver transplant cost in India?

The financial aspect is that the cost of Liver transplant in India is about 50,000 USD. It equates to only about one fifth of the cost in the western world and hence works out economical for patients who travel from abroad and are able to get quality care and good outcome for a better price.

How much it costs for liver transplant in India?

On average, the cost of liver transplant in India an indicative range would be somewhere between INR 20 lakh – INR 30 lakh. This cost is significantly very less when compared to the cost of the same treatment and care in hospitals in developed countries.

How much does a liver transplant cost?

The cost of a liver transplant can range anywhere between 20 – 25 lakhs. This includes the pre-transplant evaluation, the surgery itself and the post-surgery recovery period. There are certain factors that affect the cost of an organ transplant.

What is the price of liver in India?

At Rs 20-30 lakh, transplant of liver available only to rich | India News – Times of India.

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Can a person live without a liver?

The liver performs essential, life-sustaining functions. While you can’t live without a liver completely, you can live with only part of one. Many people can function well with just under half of their liver. Your liver can also grow back to full size within a matter of months.

Who is the best liver surgeon in India?

Mohamed Rela, is an Indian surgeon. He is known for his expertise in liver transplantation and hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) surgery. He is considered one of the world’s best liver transplant surgeons.

Mohamed Rela
Alma mater University of Madras

What is the age limit for liver transplant?

Excellent results can be achieved with elderly donors and there is virtually no upper age limit for donors after brain death liver transplantation. The issue is how to optimise selection, procurement and matching to ensure good results with elderly donors.

Can you live a normal life after liver transplant?

Liver transplant can have excellent outcomes. Recipients have been known to live a normal life over 30 years after the operation.

What is the success rate of liver transplants?

According to a study , people who have a liver transplant have an 89% percent chance of living after one year. The five-year survival rate is 75 percent . Sometimes the transplanted liver can fail, or the original disease may return.

How long is the liver transplant waiting list?

The average waiting time for a liver transplant is 145 days for adults and 72 days for children. While you’re on the waiting list, you will need to keep yourself as healthy as possible and be prepared for the transplant centre to contact you at any moment, day or night.

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What disqualifies you from a liver transplant?

acute rejection. the return of liver disease. cancer. medical complications, such as high blood pressure, infection, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Can cirrhosis be cured?

Cirrhosis cannot usually be cured, but there are ways to manage the symptoms and any complications, and stop the condition getting worse.

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