Question: Can technology help Indian villages?

How can technology help rural areas?

New technologies can contribute to improve the quality and reduce the costs of delivering services to rural communities. ICT solutions allow rural communities to access high-quality services by overcoming physical distances and road or rail infrastructure challenges.

How can technology help reduce poverty in India?

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can reduce poverty by improving poor people’s access to education, health, government and financial services. ICT can also help small farmers and artisans by connecting them to markets.

What are the various tech solution for rural problem?


Extensive use of information technology can reduce water and fertiliser use in farms, and robots – called farmbots – can reduce back-breaking work. Smart technologies – driven by sensor networks – can fine tune our food supply chains and cut down waste significantly.

How do you create more jobs in 300 words in rural areas?

How to create more jobs in rural areas?

  1. Agricultural sector: Construction of various means of irrigation like dams, canals etc., generates employment in the agricultural sector.
  2. Transport and other services: Construction of roads and railways generates employment opportunities. …
  3. Education sector: …
  4. Tourism:
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What is the role of information technology in rural development?

Information technology has played a significant role in improving the quality of life in rural areas and helped an average Indian farmer to get relevant information regarding agro-inputs, market support, management of farm, agri business, agro finance, crop production technologies and agro processing.

How can technology help farmers?

Farmers analyze data from their machines, from their fields, and even from satellite imagery to help them be more efficient and accurate with their use of natural resources, such as water, soil, and fuel, as well as their use of inputs, such as fertilizer and crop protection products.

How can e technology help farmers?

It improves the agricultural value chain through the application of the Internet and similar technologies. Information technology enables farmers to have better access to information which boosts productivity. It also facilitates him to get better rates through the information of change in price in various markets.

Does technology help the poor?

Technology reduces the cost of doing much of the work. The lower cost of production helps to increase the profit margin, which is essential in eradicating poverty. Technology opens up doors for new opportunities to do business or work. In turn, it increases the household incomes among the poor population.

Is technology the answer to poverty?

Modern technology can radically change the lives of the world’s poor by empowering and equipping them. Modern technology is one of the most effective solutions to poverty.

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