Is Bangalore prone to floods?

Ahead of the monsoon, 209 areas across Bengaluru have been identified as prone to flooding. Of these, 58 have been classified as ‘hyper-sensitive’ and 151 as ‘sensitive’. Reviewing monsoon preparedness in the city on Thursday, Chief Minister B.S.

Does Bangalore flood?

Bengaluru received widespread rain, flooding many low-lying areas and throwing normal life out of gear on Saturday. Water entered into many houses in the Rajarajeshwari Nagar area after a stormwater drain collapsed.

Why is Bangalore flooded?

Causal factors include combinations of loss of pervious area in urbanising landscapes, inadequate drainage systems, blockade due to indiscriminate disposal of solid waste and building debris, encroachment of storm water drains, loss of inter connectivity among lakes, housing in floodplains and natural drainage and loss …

What are low lying areas very susceptible to?

Low lying areas very susceptible to floods.

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