Is Bangalore airport functional?

The airport is owned and operated by Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL), a public limited company. The Government of India has granted BIAL the right to operate the airport for 30 years, with the option to continue for another 30 years.

Are domestic flights operating in Bangalore?

Some popular domestic flight routes from Bangalore are: … There are 18 flights operating daily between these two cities by various airlines like Air Asia and Air India. Flights from Bangalore to Pune: 7 flights operate daily between these two cities.

Do I need a Covid test to fly to Bangalore?

What are the latest travel guidelines for all international travellers arriving in Bengaluru? Upload a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report; test must be conducted within 72 hrs prior to the journey. A declaration with respect to authenticity of the test report is mandatory.

Are flights being Cancelled today in Bangalore?

There is no flight cancellation for today.

Can I stay at Bangalore airport overnight?

Sleeping in Bangalore Airport

For uninterrupted sleep, there is a “Day Hotel” at the domestic departure check-in area and several other hotels within a quick shuttle ride of the airport.

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Are flights operating in Bangalore during lockdown?

1) During this period, only scheduled flights and trains will remain functional. The flight and train tickets are necessary as these will work as movement passes to and from the airport/stations. 2) All the restaurants and hotels will remain shut. Only deliveries will be allowed.

Are flights operating from Bangalore in lockdown?

He added that there will be no transportation, either inter-state or intra-state. Stringent action will be taken against those who violate lockdown measures. Flights and trains already scheduled will operate during the lockdown. Metro rail will stay shut.

Is there a quarantine in Bangalore?

You no longer need to home quarantine for two weeks. … On arrival in Bangalore, if you start exhibiting symptoms once you go back home, you are advised to stay in isolation and consult a doctor. For asymptomatic returnees, the state has given a nod to directly join their office without quarantine.

Does Bangalore airport has Covid testing?

Bengaluru, December 22, 2020: As part of its effort to make passenger journeys convenient and hassle-free, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) – operator of Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (KIAB/ BLR Airport) – has launched a round-the-clock COVID-19 testing facility at the Airport.

What happens if you don’t have RT PCR report at airport?

Thermal screening will be conducted for all passengers. Passengers without RT-PCR report need to be tested at the airport. Thermal screening shall be conducted for all passengers.

What is the quarantine period for international Travellers?

If you don’t get tested, stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel. Avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not.

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How much does Bangalore airport lounge cost?

If you have complementary visit available on your credit card / you’re travelling business class, your visit is free else you have to pay ₹1599 per adult or ₹750 per child. The lounge has a limited number of seats and isn’t that big.

How do I know if my card has airport lounge access?

simply, open the digital lounge access code on your mobile device and show the lounge staff your lounge access QR code. They will scan the code and ask for your signature to confirm you have accessed the lounge.

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