How much does Amibroker cost in India?

The standard edition costs $279, professional edition costs $339 and the ultimate pack pro edition costs $499. In Indian currency, these charges are in the range of ₹19,800, ₹24,000 and ₹35,400 respectively.

How can I buy a Amibroker in India?

Where can I purchase AmiBroker in India? All sales are via our international web page There is NO India-only shop. No-one in India is authorized to sell/resell AmiBroker.

Is Amibroker free?

Amibroker Trading plugin is free of cost, but you will have to subscribe to Plus Trading plugin to be able to place orders on Zerodha Trader which costs Rs 250/month.

Is Amibroker available in India?

WARNING: Nobody in India is allowed to resell AmiBroker.

So the only choice for anyone to buy Amibroker in India is directly from Please also note that any telephonic support is not available by

Is Amibroker one time purchase?

All our licenses are perpetual which means you can buy once and use the version that you purchased forever. They also come with 24-month free upgrades, support and maintenance which means that you will be able to upgrade to the newest version during that period at no cost.

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How can I get a free Amibroker?

Amibroker 5.27 or higher version.

The Demo Version

  1. At first, download the Amibroker. …
  2. Secondly, unzip the AmiDataInvesting. …
  3. Amibroker is commonly installed in program files. …
  4. Now run the Amibroker.
  5. After that, you need to create ann new database. …
  6. Now enter this new folder path and browse.
  7. Press create.

Is Amibroker safe?

Overall Amibroker provides a safe, full proof trading support so that traders be 100% secured and don’t lose money.

Which is better Amibroker or TradingView?

Charts load fairly quickly in Amibroker and even the backtesting is super fast. TradingView is also quick, but the performance depends on your internet connection speed. TradingView cannot run without the internet. Verdict – Amibroker is better because it is blazing fast and can run without the internet also.

Is Pi Zerodha free?

Zerodha Pi was launched in July 2015. It is an installable trading application that allows traders to trade from their laptops and desktops. … The platform offers good features like advanced charting, algos, strategies, and backtesting etc., and is available free of cost for Zerodha’s customers.

Which is best trading software in India?

List of 18 Best Technical Analysis Software for Indian Stock Market

  • NinjaTrader.
  • AmiBroker India.
  • VectorVest.
  • Profit Source Platform.
  • Algo Trader.
  • WinTrader.
  • Angel Broking.
  • Trade V.

How do I add NSE data to AmiBroker?

Steps to get started:

  1. Download the Data importer.
  2. Remove the Data feeder application, if you used it previously.
  3. Install Data importer.
  4. Open Amibroker.
  5. Create a new Database for saving Intraday data.
  6. In Amibroker, Goto File menu > New > Database.
  7. Click on Create button.
  8. Select Data Source as (Local Database).
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How do algo trade in India?

First, you need to have familiarity with computer coding languages to program the required trading strategy or readymade trading software. You must also have access to trading platforms and internet access to place orders. Access to market data feeds that will be monitored by the algorithm is mandatory too.

How do I update my AmiBroker?

Just run AmiBroker and AmiQuote and choose Tools->Auto-update AmiBroker database. This method updates historical quotes from the last date present in AmiBroker upto today.

How do you activate AmiBroker?

Download the file, run the activation wizard and AmiBroker will become fully activated. Please note that the activation keys for 32-bit and 64-bit are separate so you should make sure you are using one that matches your installed AmiBroker version. To check AmiBroker version, go to Help->About menu.

Is AmiBroker and Amisignals same?

Person known as “mr alok” or “mina mukherjee” (Merchant name) and web site “amisignals” “ is a fraud. You will lose your money if you pay them! Please note that site is the only authorized shop for amibroker licenses worldwide.

Is AmiBroker a broker?

AmiBroker – advanced technical analysis software

AmiBroker allows you to trade directly from charts or programmatically, using auto-trading interface (works with Interactive Brokers). … The software comes in two editions: Standard Edition and Professional Edition.

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