How can I check my land record in Delhi?

You can check land records in Delhi online from the Indraprastha Bhulekh portal or citizen service centers at respective district offices. Along with the land records, you can also check Jamabandi, Khasra, & Khatauni records at Delhi Bhulekh official website.

How can I get property records in Delhi?

Department of Revenue. There is no fee for search of details of past registration of properties. One can make online search through our official websites: or

How can I find the owner of a property in Delhi?

How to access land records

  1. Click on Abhilekh and you will be redirected to a new page.
  2. Here you will see Login/Register on top right.
  3. Click and register yourself. …
  4. Once completed, you will receive an email with your registration details. …
  5. In the property search you could find sale and lease deeds.

How can I check my khasra number online?

How can I view Khasra details? Visit and choose ‘free services’ and then select ‘Khasra/Map copy and then choose the district, R.I circle, Tehsil, Halka, village, and Khasra number pertaining to a Khasra. Registration is not required to view the Khasra details.

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What is Bhulekh?

WHAT IS BHULEKH? Bhulekh is a Hindi/Sanskrit word which means “Bhu” + “Alekh”. In English, it translates to Land Record. Bhu (Hindi) = Land (English)

Is property registry open in Delhi during lockdown?

Delhi has been under lockdown since mid-April. Though several government offices were allowed to function during this period, registry offices remained shut as officers were reassigned on Covid duty.

How can I check property details online?

How can I check my land registry online in UP ?

  1. Go to Bhulekh UP.
  2. Click on Khatauni Ki Nakal Dekhin on the home page.
  3. Enter the details like village, tehsil, and district.
  4. Enter the captcha displayed and click on green button.
  5. The details of the land records will be displayed.

How are property registration fees calculated?

Stamp Duty Charges will be 5.6% of saleable value (Rs. 50,00,000 lakh) = Rs. 1,50,000. Registration Charges will be 3% of saleable value (Rs.

What is sale deed value?

A sale deed is a legal document that records the sale and transfer of a property. … The deed has details of previous owners, location and dimensions of the house. The value that you have paid to the buy the house is also recorded here.

What is the registry charges in Delhi?

The charges applicable for property document registration in Delhi are: Stamp duty and transfer duty @ 4% if the vendee is a woman and @ 6% if the vendee is a man. The registration fee is 1% of the total value of Sale Deed + Rs. 100/- pasting charge.

What is Gata number?

unique is the concept of assigning a Unique 16-digit code for each and very field or Revenue plot (Gata) in the State. These Unique codes, which are like Aadhaar number of the plot, have been assigned to each and every Plot (about 7.65 Crore) in U.P. (except for villages under Consolidation or Survey).

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What is Araji number?

A – Khata number. B- Khasra number. sir it is the same thing it is the tile number of the owner of the property , go to area sub registrar for any details in person .

What is survey Khata no in PM Kisan?

The Khewat number, also known as the khata number, is an account number given to landowners who jointly own a land parcel. … After mutation, Lakhan’s name would show against khewat number 2 as well as 3 in the new jamabandi records.

How can I see Khatauni?

Step 1: Visit the official Bhulekh Delhi portal (click here). Step 2: Select the district and click on ‘View Details’. Step 3: Fill in details such as district, sub-division, village and khata type. You can search the record by the following methods: khata number, khasra number and name.

How can I check Fard online in up?

How to check UP Land Records Online?

  1. Step 2 – Open the relevant link: On the homepage of the portal, you will various links. …
  2. Step 3 – Enter the captcha code: A dialog will appear and you have to enter the shown captcha code.

How can I change my name in Khatauni?

Bhulekh: Required documents for the Online Name Change Application

  1. The minimum value of an affidavit on stamp paper should be Rs. …
  2. Initial newspaper cutting of the advertisement for name change. …
  3. Photographs in two passport sizes.
  4. Copy of Legal ID evidence such as PAN card, Aadhaar card, or passport.
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