How big do Indian Runner ducks get?

Indian Runners stand roughly between 20 to 26 inches from the tip of their tail to their crown. Mature drakes (males) weight between three and a half to just over five pounds, on average.

Are Indian Runner ducks friendly?

Indian Runner

They come in various colors including black, buff, fawn, white, gray and chocolate. Fairly light ducks, Runners typically weigh 3 to 5.5 pounds. Good layers of greenish or white eggs, Runners can lay 150-200 eggs per year. Not quite as calm as Pekins, Runners are friendly and make wonderful pets.

How much space do Indian Runner ducks need?

Make sure the run has at least two meters square for the birds to range in. A movable wooden and mesh run is a great idea as you can move the ducks around the garden letting them eat all the pests, but stopping them from damaging an area through over use.

Are Indian Runner ducks aggressive?

Runners are only people aggressive when they are raised to be people aggressive.

Can runner ducks live with chickens?

If they are kept in a large enough area, and there are multiple food and water locations to prevent conflict around these resources, chickens and ducks should avoid one another.

Do Indian Runner ducks need a coop?

Unlike Ancona ducks, Indian Runners will not prefer to forage close to their duck house or coop. Being run kept is possible, but Indian Runner ducks will want a larger space to roam and can be quite vocal about their desires.

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At what age do Indian Runner ducks lay eggs?

Some breeds of duck, including the Indian runner and the Khaki Campbell, start laying eggs as early as four months old, but most will start laying regularly once they reach sexual maturity at 6 to 7 months of age.

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