Best answer: Who is known as grand old man of India mentioned his contribution?

Dadabhai Naoroji was known as the Grand Old Man of India. He was an Indian nationalist and critic of British economic policy in India. He put forward the drain theory in his book Poverty and UnBritish Rule in India.

Who is known as Old Man?

Answer: [B] Madhusudan Das. Notes: Madhusudan das was known as The grand old man (Kulabruddha). He was also known as Utkala Gouraba (Pride of Utkal). Remember Dadabhai Nowroji is known as “The grand old man of India”.

Who gave title Grand Old Man?

Dadabhai Naoroji (4 September 1825 – 30 June 1917) also known as the “Grand Old Man of India” and “Unofficial Ambassador of India” was an Indian political leader, merchant, scholar and writer who was a Liberal Party Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom House of Commons between 1892 and 1895 and the first Asian to …

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Why is dadabhai called Grand Old Man of India?

Explanation: The reason why he is designated “The Grand Old Man of India”: He is connected with this heading predominantly because of his enormous participation in India’s independence contest toward the British Raj.

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