You asked: Is Chennai a rain shadow area?

Well, one reason is Chennai being a rain shadow area. Rain shadow area here means is that in the west of Tamil Nau lie the Nilgiri hills. Thus, humid winds from Arabian Sea deplete moisture to the Western Ghats where good rains occur and dry winds travel towards Tamil Nadu leaving Chennai and adjoining areas dry.

Is Chennai a rain shadow region?

The whole country receives nearly 75% of its rainfall during this period. … Tamil Nadu is considered as a rain shadow region as it lies on the eastern (leaward side) side of western ghats.

Does it rain in Chennai?

Chennai gets most of its annual rainfall from mid–October to mid–December. Over the years, the city has been depended on the annual rains in monsoon to replenish water reservoirs, as no major rivers flow through the area.

Which place has highest rainfall in Tamilnadu?

Answer: Chinnakallar near Valparai is the 3rd wettest place in India and the wettest place in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, Chinnakallar is situated in the Coimbatore district. In the summer season, this area received the highest rainfall.

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What is the rainy season in Tamilnadu?

Monsoon (June-November)

Tamil Nadu, like the rest of India has a southwest monsoon period from June to September. The southwest rains are relatively weak in Tamil Nadu during this stage, with areas near the Ghats receiving more rainfall.

Why does Mumbai receive more rainfall in summer while Chennai receives rainfall in winter?

Answer: Mumbai receives rainfall in summer season by south west monsoon, which enters into India from western coast, where Mumbai liqs and gives it heavy rainfall but Chennai receives rainfall in the month of October to December by the retreating monsoon and the N.E. monsoon which come from north east direction.

Which month is hottest in Chennai?

March to June: These months constitute the summer season in Chennai. The climate is generally very hot and humid during these months. This is the hottest time as temperatures soar up till 40 degree Celsius and can go even beyond.

In which month does it rain in Chennai?

People of Chennai enjoy monsoon rains from June to September. Weather in Chennai remains moderate all through the year.

In which month does it rain the most in Chennai?

Chennai has dry periods in January, February, March, April and May. On average, November is the most rainy.

Which district has lowest rainfall in Tamilnadu?

Lowest rainfall received during the SW monsoon season is over Thoothukudi district (61.8 mm) while Tirupur district received lowest annual rainfall (600.3 mm). According to Table 2 variance in rainfall is maximum for Ariyalur district in the months of June, August, September and monsoon months.

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