Who is ambassador of Fit India?

The Government has launched this movement in appreciation of people who have made a huge difference to the fitness world through their independent journey and their role in inspiring people to believe in the idea of fitness.

How Can I Get Fit India ambassador?

Criteria for being a Fit India Ambassador

  1. The applicant individual needs to be present on at least one social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)
  2. The individual must have cumulative followers in the range of 10K – 100K on their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram)

Who is brand ambassador of Apple?

Shah Rukh Khan has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Apple Inc, which is the World’s Most Valued Company in terms of Market Capitalisation.

What is the motto of Fit India?

The campaign has a “Fitness Pledge” that reads, I promise to myself that I will devote time for physical activity and sports every day and I will encourage my family members and neighbours to be physically fit and make India a fit nation.

Who is the brand ambassador of the Fit India Movement 2021?

Barjatya, who was appointed ambassador of Fit India movement five months ago, is the head of a bootstrapped Pune-based fitness startup called TeamChirag. It’s approach to nutrition and healthy lifestyle revolves around the mantra of sustainability.

Who is brand ambassador of Gucci?

CEO and President of Gucci, Marco Bizzari, is all praises for Gucci’s Global Ambassador: EXO’s Kai.

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