Which Indian state is called the home of bamboo?

Bamboo, rightly known as the Green Gold, A poor man’s Timber, constitutes one of the most important natural resources of Mizoram. The State possesses the maximum percentage of its geographical area under bamboo forests as compared to other States of the country.

Which state is largest producer of bamboo in India?

The total bamboo bearing area of the country is estimated to be 15.69 million hectare. Madhya Pradesh has maximum bamboo bearing area of 1.8 m. ha followed by Maharastra (1.6 m ha), Arunachal Pradesh (1.5 m. ha) and Odisha (1.2 m ha).

Where is bamboo produced in India?

Forests and rural areas of Northeastern and Eastern India comprising the political territories of the States of West Bengal, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura have over 50% of the bamboo species of the Indian floristic region.

Which is the biggest bamboo in Nagaland?

The predominant species are Dendrocalamus hamitonii, Teinostachyum dulloa, Bambusa tulda, Bambusa bamboo and Melocana Bamboo Soides. They occur almost all along the lower belts in continuous strips of some length descending down to plains along the border with Assam.

How many types of bamboo are there in India?

A total of approximately 148 species in 29 genera of bamboos are currently thought to occur in India (both wild and cultivated). The maximum concentration of species is found in the deciduous and semi- evergreen regions of North-east and the tropical moist deciduous forests of North and South India.

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Which state is famous for bamboo work and tea?

the state of west Bengal is the state well known for its bamboo crafts and cane products.

What is the rank of India in bamboo production?

Out of the 22 genera in India, 19 are indigenous and three exotic. The annual production of bamboo in India is about 4.6 million tonnes; about 1.9 million tonnes is used by the pulp industries.

10.2. Strategies for conservation.

States/Uts Tripura
Bamboo crop (‘000 m3) 510
Bamboos (no.) 544.09

Is bamboo grown in Goa?

In the forested areas of Goa, a wild species of bamboo called Oxytenanthara Ritcheyi, locally known as thae chivar, grows. … Not only do bamboo shoots lend themselves to appetizing preparations, but they are also rich in nutritional and medicinal benefits.

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