Which foreign language has best scope in India?

Which foreign language is best for career in India?

The five leading foreign language in India for studies are Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. These languages are regarded as the most sought-after for career prospects, employment opportunities, and immigration.

Which foreign language is in high demand?

English is the highest in demand (but European languages are the most profitable) As the modern lingua franca, it perhaps comes as no surprise that fluent English speakers are in the highest demand.

Which foreign language is best for career?

– Here are the top 10 best languages for your career:

  • Mandarin Chinese.
  • German.
  • Portuguese.
  • Japanese.
  • Spanish.
  • Korean.
  • French.
  • Arabic.

Which is toughest language in India?

Google admits Malayalam(official language of Kerala State) to be the toughest language in India. It is both difficult to learn and speak as compared to any other language in India.

Which is the hardest language in the world?

1. Mandarin Chinese. Interestingly, the hardest language to learn is also the most widely spoken native language in the world.

Which language is most demanding?


After English, it’s the most demanded foreign language thanks to its 1 billion speakers.

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What jobs use foreign languages?

10 Super Cool Jobs for People Who Know a Foreign Language

  • Teacher, Private Tutor or Online Tutor. …
  • Interpreter. …
  • Translator. …
  • Children’s Book Writer. …
  • Blogger, Speaker and Seller. …
  • YouTuber or Podcaster. …
  • Tour Guide. …
  • Liaison Officer.

Which language translators are in demand?

What Languages Are in High Demand for Translators?

  • Spanish. Most people will be able to guess correctly that Spanish is the language in the highest demand for translators. …
  • Mandarin. Mandarin is another language in very high demand, especially in the international business sector. …
  • German. …
  • Any Language.

Which is the easy language in India?

Hindi is the easiest language one could learn in India.

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