Which breed of rabbit is found in India?

The main need for the rabbit comes for daily exercise and proper care. The total life span is 5-8 years, but the most important thing to be subjected is standard rabbit issues. So, it is one of the most common breeds found in India.

Which breed of rabbit is most child friendly in India?


Himalayan rabbits are one of the best choices, of the breeds available, for children. They are renowned for being laid-back, gentle, friendly and curious. They are beautiful in appearance and love to cuddle, rarely ever known to bite or scratch.

Which is the most active rabbit breed?

The Netherland Dwarf is one of the smallest breeds of rabbit and usually only weigh around 2.5 lbs! They have short, erect ears and come in many different colors. Despite their small size, they are very energetic and active and so need lots of time outside of their hutch exploring and exercising.

In addition to dogs, cat and cattle, most animals which are domestically found can be kept as pets. This includes horses, ponies, pigs, red-eared sliders, fish reared in aquariums, rabbits, etc. … Most varieties of rodents and turtles are also banned from being kept as pets.

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Is rabbit good for Vastu?

Keeping a cat, rabbit or a bird will enhance the positivity in the South East, and also ensure the health of the female members of the family, and bring home prosperity and fortune. … Though a white cat is generally what people prefer, a black one will help you with issues connected with the South West direction.

Which rabbit is best as a pet?

15 Rabbit Breeds That Make Great Pets

Breed Size Personality
1. Mini Rex 3.5–4.5 lbs Calm and quiet
2. Holland Lop 2–4 lbs Energetic and friendly
3. Dutch Lop 4–5.5 lbs Calm and gentle but highly sociable
4. Dwarf Hotot 2.5–3.5 lbs Bonds well with owners and highly active

What is the maximum age of rabbit?

Rabbits, just like other domesticated animals, have an average lifespan which can help an owner keep their bunny in optimum health in every stage of life. Unlike their wild relatives, who live for an average of one to two years, domesticated rabbits can live between eight to 12 years.

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