Which act India Council abolished?

Term start 1888
Term end November 1902
Names Sir James Braithwaite Peile, KCSI
Birth 1833
Death 1906

What is the name of 1861 Act?

That everything is changing in India is obvious enough, and that the old autocratic government cannot stand unmodified is indisputable.” The 1861 Act restored the legislative powers of Bombay and Madras Presidencies taken away by the Charter Act of 1833.

Indian Councils Act 1861.

Repealed by Government of India Act 1915
Status: Repealed

What are the important features of 1919 Act?

The Government of India Act of 1919, made a provision for classification of the central and provincial subjects. The Act kept the Income Tax as a source of revenue to the Central Government. However, for Bengal and Bombay, to meet their objections, a provision to assign them 25% of the income tax was made.

What is the difference between Indian Council Act 1861 and 1892?

The Indian Councils Act of 1861 increased the number of members in the Governor-General’s executive Council from 4 to 5. Further the Governor-General’s Executive Council was enlarged into a Central Legislative Council.

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Which act is known as the Black Act?

These bills came to be known as “Black Bills”. They gave enormous powers to the police to search a place and arrest any person they disapproved of without warrant. Despite much opposition, the Rowlatt Act was passed on 18 March 1919.

What was provided in 1909 Indian Council Act?

It introduced a system of communal representation for Muslims by accepting the concept of a separate electorate’. Under this, the Muslim members were to be elected only by Muslim voters. Thus, the Act ‘legalised communalism’ and Lord Minto came to be known as the Father of Communal Electorate.

What was the most important feature of the 1919 Act?

The most Important feature of the Government of India Act of 1919 was enlargement of Indian Councils, provision for direct election and dyarchy in the Provinces.

What are the features of Indian Council Act 1892?

Main Features of Indian Council Act 1892

  • A simultaneous examination of ICS to be held in England and India.
  • Reforms of the legislative council and adoption of the principle of election in place of nomination.
  • Opposition to the annexation of Upper Burma.
  • Reduction in the Military expenditure.

What is portfolio system in India?

Lord Canning, who was the Governor-General and Viceroy at the time, introduced the portfolio system. In this system, each member was assigned a portfolio of a particular department. For legislative purposes, the Governor-General’s Council was enlarged. … The Viceroy had the power to overrule the council if necessary.

Why did the early nationalists opposed the Council Act of 1892?

The number of members of the Imperial Legislative Council was increased. The number of member of Provincial Councils was increased. The Councils were given the right to discuss the annual budgets. The Act did not give the Indians control over the public funds.

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