What was one positive result of British Raj’s rule in India?

A positive result of the British RAJ rule in India was the establishment of democracy. The RAJ was the name of the colonial system that the English created in this country from 1858 to 1947. It was Queen Victoria and her government who decided to take control of the region instead of the East India Company.

What was one negative result of the British Raj’s rule in India?

What was one negative consequence of the British raj’s rule in India? Sanitation and public health continued to suffer. The legal system saw few modern improvements. Only a few thousand Indians got a higher education.

Which statements best describes the Mughals who once lived in India?

In the 1700s, the Mughals were Hindu rulers who opposed trade with Britain and other European nations.In the 1700s, the Mughals were Muslim rulers who allowed the East India Company to establish trading posts.In the 1800s, the Mughals were Indian nationalists who fought for freedom from British rule.In the 1800s, the …

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What was one negative consequence of the British Raj’s rule in India quizlet?

What was one negative consequence of the British raj’s rule in india? Civil servants were segregated from ordinary Indians. How did the decline of Mughal influence affect the East India company? the decline of mughal power allowed the EIC to expand its trading operations across the region.

Which statement best describes the economy of India in the late 1700s?

Answer Expert Verified. During the late 1700s, farmers in India produced cotton and shipped them to some factories in the British countries to produce textiles. In this century, the evolution of India from trading and agricultural society to an economy of services and manufacturing was the economic history of India.

What were some negative impacts of British rule for India?

The British rule demolished India through, taxation on anything made in India, and the exportation of raw materials, which caused a plentiful amount of famine,and throughout all of this, the British kept most on India uneducated, and those they did educate, most were forced to become interpreters for the benefits it …

What caused the Sepoy Rebellion in India quizlet?

What were the causes of the Sepoy Rebellion in northern and central India? Indian soldiers were told to bite off the tips of their rifle cartridges. This order cause a rebellion because the cartridges were greased with animal fat, violating local religious beliefs.

What was one cause of the Sepoy Rebellion in India?

The immediate cause for the revolt was the introduction of the new Enfield rifle to the British Indian Army. To load it, the sepoys had to bite off the ends of greased cartridges that held the gunpowder for the rifle.

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Who was named the ruler of India in 1857 quizlet?

The historic heart of the Mughal Empire & the political/trade capital of India for 7 centuries. In May 1857, this city was ruled by Bahadur Shah Zafar & there were no European troops there.

What was one effect of nation industrialization?

What was one effect of nation industrialization? Nations would have a smaller market in which to sell their goods. What would happen to industrialized nations’ economies if they did not expand their abroad? It kept nations from cooperating to achieve shared goals.

In what year did the British Raj’s rule end in India 1857?

This system of governance was instituted on 28 June 1858, when, after the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the rule of the British East India Company was transferred to the Crown in the person of Queen Victoria (who, in 1876, was proclaimed Empress of India).

British Raj.

Croatian India 1530–1667
Austrian India 1778–1785

How did Britain and Russia manage peacefully share control of Persia?

Britain and Russia managed to peacefully share control of Persia by letting Persia decide how to divide its assets. setting up a joint committee to oversee resources.

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