Is it OK to wear shorts in India?

Yes, you can wear shorts, although most Indian men stop wearing shorts in their mid-teens. Most places are familiar with Western styles and in tourist areas or big cities, they might wear them as well. You can NOT wear shorts in many temples or ashrams though.

Can I wear shorts in Delhi?

Re: Are shorts acceptable dress in Delhi? Its a personal choice, no will will mind if you wear shorts anywhere except at religious places like temples and mosques. Its very hot in Delhi now, so dress for comfort. However some hotels and resturants may have dress codes so it depends on where you are going.

Why do girls wear short shorts?

“Short shorts are a way to show off the body and be provocative, and everyone has a choice on how to show off their body, no matter their size,” says Gabrielle Porcaro , senior fashion-and-market editor for Women’s Health magazine, which just ran a story on comfortable — and flattering — shorts.

Do Delhi girls wear shorts?

Yes, females can wear shorts in India but that is not recommended everywhere. … While on the other hand, it’s okay to wear shorts in the new and modern areas of any developing city like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. Most probably, women can wear summer dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and tops, jeans, and leggings.

In which thing India is first?

Let’s not forget that India became the first (yes, the first!) nation in the world to successfully put the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also called Mangalyaan, into orbit in its very first attempt.

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