How much does Apostille cost in India?

Service Fee
Type of Documents Charges for each documents
Apostille ( Govt. Fee) Rs.50/- for each Apostille Sticker

Is there apostille in India?

India is a member of the Hague Convention and has thus adopted the Apostille Convention. India can provide apostille documents or can require documents to be apostilled if the documents are from a country that has also adopted the apostille convention.

How can I get PCC apostille in India?

Steps involved in Apostille

  1. Registering online for apostille.
  2. Sending the documents for office /visiting our office to deposit the document.
  3. Online payment for apostille.
  4. Receiving the tracking number for the documents.
  5. Check updates online.
  6. Get emails regarding the apostille status.

What documents are Apostilled?

An Apostille is a type of attestation in which documents are legalised in a particular format that is acceptable in all nations that belong to the Hague Convention. Essentially, Apostille is an international attestation that is acceptable in about 92 countries, and most of the western world recognises Apostille.

Why Apostille is required?

You will need an Apostille if all of the following apply:

The law of the country where the document was issued considers it to be a public document; and. The country in which the document is to be used requires an Apostille in order to recognize it as a foreign public document.

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How do you know if Apostille is real?

In order to verify a particular Apostille, recipients may access the online electronic Register (e-Register). The e-Registers allow for easy online queries to verify the origin of an Apostille without Competent Authorities having to answer these queries individually by phone, e-mail or otherwise.

Is attestation and Apostille same?

Authentication is of two types: Normal Attestation and Apostille Certification. Apostille certification is done when documents are to be used in countries which are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. While Normal Attestation is free, a fee of Rs.

Is notary and Apostille the same?

A notary is the process of verifying and witnessing a document being signed. The notarized document will usually be used in the US. The apostille is a certificate issued by a Secretary of State that authenticates the document for use outside the US.

What is the cost of certificate attestation in India?

The fee chargeable by the outsourced agencies per document for its collection and delivery for Apostille/normal attestation by MEA will be Rs. 90/- (Service Fee) and Rs 3 per page (Scanning Fee) .

Which country requires apostille?

These are collectively known as ‘member countries of the Hague Apostille Convention’: Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, China (Macau & Hong Kong), Colombia …

Can a passport be Apostilled?

If you are located in the State of California and need to apostille a color copy of your US Passport, you can meet with a local notary who will complete a document called a “California Copy Certification by Document Custodian”. This document is basically a form that will be stapled to the color copy of your passport.

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What does apostille mean in English?

Meaning of apostille in English

an official certificate from a government that makes a document from one country acceptable in another, or the system of using such certificates: … For countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention, it is sufficient to legalize the documents with the corresponding Apostille.

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