How many villages are there in Delhi?

State Code States/Union Territories No. of Villages in 1991*
07 DELHI 209
08 RAJASTHAN 39,810
09 UTTAR PRADESH 107,327
10 BIHAR 45,077

How many towns are there in Delhi?

But the accepted number is seven (excluding New Delhi) and these are cities whose remains are extant. Historians speak of the “Seven Cities of Delhi” but, between 1100 A.D. and 1947 A.D., there have actually been eight of them: The oldest city near the site of the Qutab Minar. Siri.

Which Indian village is known as the richest village?

Madhapar is a village located in Kutch district in the state of Gujarat, India. It is one of the most richest villages in India in terms of bank deposits.

PIN 370020
Telephone code 2832
Vehicle registration GJ-12

Is Delhi rural or urban?

The National Capital Territory of Delhi covers an area of 1,484 km2 (573 sq mi), of which 783 km2 (302 sq mi) is designated rural, and 700 km2 (270 sq mi) urban therefore making it the largest city in terms of area in the country.

Which country has no village?

it’s USA United States Of America. it has cities but not undeveloped villages. USA is a developed city.

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