How can we identify fake notes in India?

In counterfeit notes, the watermark is made by using opaque ink, painting with white solution, stamping with a dye engraved with the picture of Mahatma Gandhi. Then oil, grease or wax is applied to give the picture a translucent feel.

How can you tell if the new notes are fake?

On the front of any of the notes, you can feel raised print. For example, on the words ‘Bank of England’ and in the bottom right corner. Under a good quality ultraviolet light, the numerical value appears in bright red and green on the front of the notes, against a duller background.

What is used to detect fake bank notes?

HOW DOES ULTRAVIOLET DETECTION WORK? Every modern banknote contains ultraviolet (UV) ink with fluorescent phosphors that cannot be seen in daylight ①, but are clearly visible under UV light at a wavelength of 365 nanometers.

Who investigates fake currency in India?

In 2019, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) registered 14 cases, where 13,459 pieces of ₹2,000 counterfeit notes had been seized. It also registered eight cases to probe recovery of fake ₹500 notes. A specialised unit to investigate fake currency notes was established in the NIA few years ago.

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Do banks accept fake notes?

Counterfeit banknotes are rare and also worthless. We cannot reimburse you for counterfeit banknotes. … The suspect notes will be sent to the National Crime Agency and if counterfeit to the Bank of England for further examination.

Where can I change old 50 notes?

You can exchange them at your local Post Office, bank, or with the Bank of England itself for face value.

How do you check if money is real?

Here is a list of eight ways to tell if a bill is real or counterfeit:

  1. Color-shifting Ink. …
  2. Watermark. …
  3. Blurry Borders, Printing, or Text. …
  4. Raised Printing. …
  5. Security Thread with Microprinting. …
  6. Ultraviolet Glow. …
  7. Red and Blue Threads. …
  8. Serial Numbers.

What is the punishment for fake currency in India?

—Whoever counter-feits, or knowingly performs any part of the process of counterfeiting, any currency-note or bank-note, shall be punished with 2[imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.

What is the effect of fake currency on Indian?

According to Indian law, possessing fake notes is a punishable offence, but only if the person in question is aware that the notes are fake. The Indian government intends to classify offences involving high-value FICN as terror acts, with an amendment to the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

What is the punishment for fake money?

Federal Crimes

Under federal law, the use or attempted use of counterfeit currency is illegal if the person has the intent to defraud the recipient. A conviction for the offense carries up to 20 years in prison and a fine.

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