Best answer: Where are green apples grown in India?

Unlike other fruits, apples grow in a temperate climate. States like Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and Nagaland are popular for their cultivation.

Where are apples grown in India?


State Apple (1995-96)
Area (ha) Production (MT)
Arunachal Pradesh 5523 9730
Himachal Pradesh 78296 276681
Jammu and Kashmir 78007 714834

Which place apple is best in India?

Top 10 Apple Producing States in India

  • Jammu and Kashmir: Jammu and Kashmir is known to be the den of apple production. …
  • Himachal Pradesh: Himachal Pradesh enjoys contributing 19.19% of its apple production in the country. …
  • Uttarakhand: …
  • Arunachal Pradesh: …
  • Rajasthan: …
  • Assam: …
  • Tamil Nadu: …
  • Nagaland:

Which variety of apple is grown in India?

Important varieties cultivated in different states of India are given below :

Category Varieties
Pollinizing Tydeman’s Early, Red Gold, Golden Delicious, Mc Intosh, Lord Lambourne, Winter Banana, Granny Smith, Starkspur Golden, Golden Spur

Which city is called apple city of India?

Mumbai may only be India’s second city in size, but it is without a doubt the subcontinent’s capital of commerce, glamour, and endless aspirations. In many ways, it resembles New York, although the metropolis once called Bombay is, of course, twice as large.

Which state is famous for apples?

The top apple producing states are Washington, New York, Michigan,Pennsylvania, California and Virginia. In 2006, 58% of apples produced in the United States were produced in Washington, 11% in New York, 8% in Michigan, 5% in Pennsylvania, 4% in California and 2% in Virginia.

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Which state has best apples?

The top apple producing states are Washington, New York, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania and Virginia, which produced over 83 percent of the nation’s 2001-crop apple supply. Apples are a great source of the fiber pectin.

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