Your question: What is the extent of India Class 9?

Complete Answer:India is located north of the Equator and thus lies in the northern hemisphere. The latitudinal extent of India is from 8°4’N to 37°6’N. The Tropic of Cancer located at 23° 26′ N passes through India almost at the centre.

What is the extent of India?

India measures 3,214 km (1,997 mi) from north to south and 2,933 km (1,822 mi) from east to west. It has a land frontier of 15,200 km (9,445 mi) and a coastline of 7,516.6 km (4,671 mi).

What is the latitudinal extent of India Class 9 CBSE?

So, the answer is The latitudinal degree of India is 37∘6′N to 8∘4′N.

What is the longest extent of India?

India is situated north of the equator between 8°4′ to 37°6′ north latitude and 68°7′ to 97°25′ east longitude with a total area of 3,287,263 square kilometres (1,269,219 sq mi). India measures 3,214 km (1,997 mi) from north to south and 2,933 km (1,822 mi) from east to west.

What is the extent and location of India Class 9?

The main land of India extends between latitudes 8°4’N and 37°6’N and longitudes 68°7’E and 97°25’E. The Tropic of Cancer (23° 30’N) passes almost through the middle of the country. Apart from the mainland, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Indian Ocean) and the Lakshadweep (Arabian Sea) are also parts of India.

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Why India is called Peninsula?

A Peninsula is any landmass which is surrounded by water on three sides and land on one side. India is called as Peninsula because it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the east.

Why is 82.30 has been selected?

2 Answers. The Earth has been divided into 24 time zones of one hour each. … This causes a time lag of 2 hrs from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh to avoid confusion and to have a standard time for reference, The 82.30’Eastern Longitude has been taken as the standard time for the whole country.

How many longitudes are there in India?

India is located in the northern hemisphere of the world. From the extends south to north, the mainland of India extends between 8°4’N and 37°6’N latitudes. From the other extends west to east, India extends between 68°7’E and 97°25’E longitudes.

Is the longitudinal extent of Brazil is less than India?

The longitudinal extent of India is approximately 30 degrees where the same of Brazil is 39 degrees.

How many regions are in India?


Name Population (2011 census) States
Central India 100,525,580 2
East India 226,925,195 4
North India 376,809,728 6
Northeast India 45,587,982 8

What is India’s geographic area Class 9?

The total area of India is 3,287,263 square kilometres. It has a land area of 3.28 million km2 which is 2.4% of the world area. –India has 28 states and 8 union territories. It shares its border with countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

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Why India has a long coastline?

India has a long coastline which is advantageous. Explain. Answer: … The Deccan Peninsula protrudes into the Indian Ocean, thus helping India to establish close contact with West Asia, Africa and Europe from the Western coast and with South-East Asia and East Asia from the Eastern coast.

What is Democracy Class 9?

Democracy is a form of government in which the rulers are elected by the people. One chief factor common to all democracies is that the government is chosen by the people. … Dictators like Pinochet (Chile) are not elected by the people.

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