You asked: Is India Arie African?

Arie is African-American, and according to a DNA analysis, she descends from the Mende people of Sierra Leone, the Kru people of Liberia and the Fula people of Guinea-Bissau. After Simpson’s parents divorced, her mother moved the family to Atlanta, Georgia when India was 13.

Who is India Arie father?

Who is India Arie’s mother?

Why is India Arie called India?

“It’s not a stage name—Î was born India Arie Simpson at Rose Medical Center in 1975,” the Denver native laughed. “My first name was chosen in honor of Mahatma Gandhi, because I share his birthday. My mom came up with my middle name. I later found out it means ‘lion’ in Hebrew.”

Who is India Arie’s husband?

Chris Tucker and India. Arie are allegedly dating — and much to our surprise, they’ve reportedly been together for 13 years.

How old is India?

India is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. From the traces of hominoid activity discovered in the subcontinent, it is recognized that the area now known as India was inhabited approximately 250,000 years ago.

What is India Arie worth?

India Arie Net Worth: India Arie is an American singer-songwriter and record producer who has a net worth of $4.5 million. India Arie gained her net worth by releasing several albums like Open Door and Acoustic Soul, and winning four Grammy Awards.

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Does India Arie have siblings?

What does India Arie believe?

It’s about being more me in both my life and career.” India Arie advocates mindfulness whether that be with prayer, meditation, yoga or simply a moment of silence.

Does India Arie and David Banner go together?

India Arie and David Banner may not be together in real life but their chemistry on the small screen is undeniable. Check them out in her latest video, Steady Love.

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