Will non essential shops open in Mumbai?

MUMBAI: The BMC on Monday issued orders allowing shops selling non-essentials in Mumbai to stay open from 7am to 2pm from Monday to Friday. … Also, in line with the state government’s orders, the BMC has allowed delivery of non-essential goods for e-commerce along with that of essential products, reports Richa Pinto.

Are non-essential shops allowed to open in Mumbai?

As part of the state government’s ‘Break the chain’ initiative, the BMC allowed non-essential shops to reopen from June 1. According to the circular, shops on the right side of the road were allowed to open on Mondays, Wednes-days and Fridays. Shops on the left were allowed to open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Is non-essential delivery allowed in Mumbai?

Delivery of essentials and non-essentials through E-Commerce is permitted.

Are bars allowed to open in Mumbai?

MUMBAI: The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India (HRAWI), an association of star-rated hotels and premium bars and restaurants, has requested chief minister Uddhav Thackeray and home minister Dilip Walse-Patil to allow them to operate from 7 am till 12.30 am as per pre-covid licensed hours in cities and …

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Are malls allowed to open in Mumbai?

All essential and non-essential shops will be allowed to operate till 4 pm while malls, theatres and multiplexes (allowed to operate with the 50 per cent capacity) will be shut.

Is it allowed to go out in Mumbai?

All public places can be opened for walking and cycling, and private offices can function as usual. There can be 100% attendance at all private and government offices. Shootings will be allowed as usual. Social gatherings will be allowed with 50% capacity and marriages will also be allowed with 50% capacity.

Is Amazon allowed in lockdown?

Now when a covid lockdown or curfew is imposed, only the online delivery of essentials is allowed by the government. Like in Maharashtra, an e-commerce website like Amazon is not taking orders for non-essential products from categories like electronics, fashion, appliances, mobile phones, furniture, and similar.

Is Amazon delivering non essentials in Mumbai?

Amazon is now delivering only essentials in Delhi and Mumbai. Both cities are seeing complete lockdowns, prohibiting delivery of non-essential items. However, most places in India are not under lockdown and Amazon is delivering everything to these places.

Is e-commerce allowed in lockdown?

In a change to the lockdown guidelines in Karnataka, the state government on Wednesday announced that delivery of all items through e-commerce and home delivery will be allowed.

Can non-essential shops open in Tier 3?

Are non-essential shops open in tier 3? Non-essential shops are still allowed to stay open in ‘very high risk’ areas. That means clothes, tech, makeup, and other kinds of stores will still be open for all your Christmas shopping needs.

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Will banks be open in Tier 4?

Are garden centres open in Tier 4? Garden centres count as ‘essential retail’, so they will remain open in Tier 4. They join the likes of supermarkets, pharmacies, banks and DIY stores in the ‘essential goods’ category, but will need to be Covid-secure with social distancing enabled.

Can Tier 4 takeaways stay open?

Are takeaways open in Tier 4? As they have done throughout the past year, takeaways will be allowed to stay open and other food establishments can also offer the service. That means pubs, cafes, and social clubs can serve up to 11pm as long as it’s for a takeaway, delivery or click and collect.

Which restaurants are open in Mumbai?

As per the latest guidelines, restaurants in Mumbai are allowed to remain open for dine-in during the weekdays till 4 PM, whereas restaurants in Thane can stay open all seven days of the week till 11 PM. Several eateries across the city are gradually opening up and welcoming guests with safety measures in place.

Are restaurants open in Thane on weekends?

Being at Level 3, the city has not been allowed to reopen its malls and multiplexes and it must shut dine-in at restaurants after 4pm and on weekends.

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