Why saree is the most important Indian attire?

Saree, also called as Sari, is the most famous Indian attire worn by women not only in India but all over the world. It is because of its sensuality that it has grabbed attention since time immemorial. A saree makes a woman look elegant, gorgeous and stylish.

Why saree is the best attire?

Saree is one of the most elegant outfits that a woman can wear. … Though draping a saree takes time, it can completely transform your look. And, once you are pro at it, you will hardly need 5 minutes to wear a saree. This magical outfit can make you look your ethnic best.

What is the importance of the sari in Indian culture?

Wearing a saree is a must for women to conserve the culture of India. Women wear saree to express the pride of their nation and tradition. One of the essential aspects of the culture of India sets-up lead to growing Indian traditional sari. It is also considered as inspiration for costume lovers across the world.

Why do girls wear saree?

A saree symbolizes Indian culture and tradition. It makes women look elegant and beautiful. … In fact, girls not of marriageable age don’t like to wear a saree and if they are given an option they prefer jeans or other attire over a saree.

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Who wears Indian sarees?

The sari (often spelled ‘saree’), is a garment traditionally worn in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It can be an heirloom passed down through generations, or a purely functional garment worn everyday.

When should we wear saree?

As per mostly conclude, 18 years of age is most idol age to wear saree because you can hold it gently, show with elegance, and walk with confidence. Also, you can wear anything at any age, unless you will not be messed up with heavy clothes.

How many sarees should you have?

If it is a small job then it requires maximum 10 sarees. If it is Officer job then it requires minimum 20 to30. If it is a higher officer then its requirement more than hundred sarees. If it is lower class family then the requirement is minimum and if it is a high society girl there is no limit.

What does a saree symbolize?

Different colors of sarees symbolize different virtues, qualities and themes. … Red colored sarees are draped on special occasions such as weddings, parties and other. special moments. As red symbolizes dominance and passion, women prefer to wear them on various occasions.

Is it disrespectful to wear a sari?

It is not disrespectful. Anybody can wear sari, it is an attire for all but it should not look awful to others. One should not drape casually for the sack of wearing, if the draping of saree is not perfect, it is better not to wear it.

Why do girls wear sarees after marriage?

Most ladies who wear sarees on a daily basis can testify that they are very comfortable. Unlike tight skirts and jeans, they give your skin room to breathe and prevent the fabric from clinging on to your skin. They are also easy to wear and make it easy for you to move around without feeling limited.

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Do girls look good in saree?

Even though there is a bit of skin show in a saree, it doesn’t lack decency at all. That is the specialty of this attire. It can be very simple yet very stylish at the same time. Women don’t even have to work much on this look as a saree does the trick, and the simpler the saree (chiffon/ georgette), the sexier it is.

What do you wear under saree instead of petticoat?

2-In-1. This shapewear is an alternative for traditional cotton petticoats. You can either substitute it for a petticoat and drape your saree over it and flaunt your new curvy figure. Or wear a saree shapewear under a regular petticoat for a better shape.

Who invented sarees?

The origin of the drape or a garment similar to the sari can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, which came into being during 2800–1800 BC in north west India. The journey of sari began with cotton, which was first cultivated in the Indian subcontinent around 5th millennium BC.

Which sarees are world famous?

Baluchori saree or Baluchari saree mostly worn by ladies across India and Bangladesh. Baluchari sarees look unique because of its depictions of mythological scenes on the pallu of the saree. Murshidabad is the major producer of Baluchori sarees.

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