Why are Indians obsessed with marks Quora?

Why India is obsessed with good marks?

The high importance attested to good grades, in India, gives rise to the idea that memorization and rote-learning is more rewarding. However, this kind of learning leads to zero to negligible learning of skills which lead to innovation and out of the box discoveries.

Why are Indian parents obsessed with marks Quora?

This demand supply imbalance enhances the greed and pressure for the higher grades. If you don’t give your best, it’ll be taken by rest. It’s not that pressure is only from elders i.e parents, teachers etc. But students amongst themselves build a grade stair and judge their peers based on marks.

Why are Indians obsessed with degrees?

Originally Answered: Why are Indians so obsessed with degrees ? Because they believe that if nothing else works, at least they’ll have a degree to depend upon and won’t have to beg. Also, they believe a degree to be a sure shot source of income with respect along with it.

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Why are marks so important in India?

– The academic system in India gives an overwhelming importance to marks scored in exams. This over emphasis in marks scored in the exam has caused rote learning among a large section of students.

Why is India obsessed Maggie?

India has ordered tests on Maggi noodles after some were found to contain high levels of lead. … The “two-minute noodles” advertising campaign on state-run television with which Maggi launched itself turned out to be an instant attraction because of its liberating message for women.

What are good marks in India?

UGC 10-point Grading Scale

Grade Scale Grade Description
O 10.00 Outstanding
A+ 9.00 – 9.90 Excellent
A 8.00 – 8.90 Very Good
B+ 7.00 – 7.90 Good

Why Indian parents want marks?

Indian parents want their children to score full marks in exams for following reasons : They want their kids to be very smart n intelligent. Upgradation in society because they can flaunt about their kids saying mere bete ne full mark se top kara hai!

Why do Indian parents hate gaming?

See, Indian parents think that by gaming we are wasting our time. In that time we could either study or read books. They have this mentality because they also have been told this by their parents when they used to play outdoor games.

Why do Indian parents glorify grades?

Because Indian parents are superfluously concerned with appearing respectable in society over their child’s happiness. They like to boast to their friends that their son or daughter is a straight A student, as it reflects positively on them as well.

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Why are Indians obsessed with computer science?

Computer science is also very self-paced, you can learn from your computer anywhere even if you don’t have good teachers—from thousands of free tutorials and most IDEs are free—which is important in India because many universities are not ideal.

Why are Indian parents obsessed with science?

In India tougher things get more respect and hence, science being ‘tough’, which could be grasped only by the ‘chosen ones’ is highly decorated stream! Other streams no matter how hard they are, won’t gain that respect. Discrimination is in every sphere of life.

Why are Indian parents obsessed with doctors?

They were also able to fetch the government jobs easily. Every parent wants a great future for their children therefore it is natural for any Indian parent to want their children to become doctors and engineers since these fields are considered the most secure and stable.

Can Marks decide my future?

Exam results are mere tests and numbers which tells you in which subject you are good or bad. Not your marks but you decide your future.

Are marks important in life?

Marks could matter, a good college tag and a good placement are important, but not so much for it to be the last thing in the world. Yes, Board exams are important and a person should study all they can towards getting marks, but these do not decide our future in the absolute sense.

Are marks important for success?

In our society, children are brought up with the mindset that they must score high marks in order to succeed in life. Each parent has expectations that their kid will excel in his/her career, and at the base of those expectations are, according to many, scoring high marks.

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