Which of the following is the largest livestock in India?

In 2019, the total livestock population is 535.78 million; cattle (192.90 million) is the largest animal group in the country followed by goats (148.88 million), buffaloes (109.85 million), sheep (74.26 million) and pigs (9.06 million).

Which one among the following has the largest livestock population in the world?

India has the largest cattle inventory in the world. India is followed by Brazil and China.

How many cows are in India?

Livestock population in India by Species

Cattle 155.3 175.6
Adult Female Cattle 54.4 51.0
Buffalo 43.4 51.2
Adult Female Buffalo 21.0 24.3

What is Indian livestock?

The livestock provides food and non-food items to the people. Food: The livestock provides food items such as Milk, Meat and Eggs for human consumption. India is number one milk producer in the world. It is producing about 176.34 million tones of milk in a year (2017-18).

Which state has highest cows in India?

Cattle inventory in India 2019 by state

West Bengal had the highest cattle population across India, at about 19 million in 2019. Uttar Pradesh ranked second that year, followed by Madhya Pradesh.

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Is bovine a cow?

Bovine comes from the Latin word for “cow”, though the biological family called the Bovidae actually includes not only cows and oxen but also goats, sheep, bison, and buffalo. So bovine is often used technically, when discussing “bovine diseases”, “bovine anatomy”, and so on.

Which country ranks first in milk production?

India is the world’s largest milk producer, with 22 percent of global production, followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan and Brazil.

What is the most important livestock animal?

From the household point of view, the most important livestock species are chickens and pigs.

What are the types of livestock farming?

Types of Livestock Farming

  • Intensive Livestock Farming. …
  • Semi-intensive Livestock Farming. …
  • Extensive Livestock Farming. …
  • Nomadic Livestock Farming. …
  • Transhumant Livestock Farming. …
  • Organic Livestock Farming.

Why are cows sacred in India?

In ancient Hindu texts, the cow appears as “Kamdhenu” or the divine cow, which fulfils all desires. Its horns symbolize the gods, its four legs, the ancient Hindu scriptures or the “Vedas” and its udder, the four objectives of life, including material wealth, desire, righteousness and salvation.

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