Where is Sembarambakkam lake in Chennai?

Chembarambakkam Lake
Location Kancheepuram district, Tamil Nadu, South India
Coordinates 13.01158°N 80.06063°ECoordinates:13.01158°N 80.06063°E
Type Reservoir
Native name செம்பரம்பாக்கம் ஏரி (Tamil)

Where is Sembarambakkam ERI in Chennai?

The chembarambakkam lake address is Kanchipuram district, 40 Kms away from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

How can I go to chembarambakkam Lake?

– By Air: The nearest airport to Chembarambakkam Lake is the Chennai International Airport. It is situated at a distance of 23.7 KM which would take around one hour to cover. You can hail an auto, hire a taxi or book an online cab to reach there as fast as possible.

Is chembarambakkam full?

The lake is now 79 per cent full. The storage level stands at 2,913 mcft as against its total capacity of 3,645 mcft. “Though it has been raining very heavily in Chennai, the catchment areas of Chembarambakkam did not receive much rainfall.

When was chembarambakkam lake built?

Studies published about the lake suggest that it was created that more than 400 years ago, during the Pallava rule, when a crescent-shaped wall was built across what may have been a river. For several centuries, narrow canals gushing with water from the Chembarambakkam lake fed thirsty paddy fields.

What happened chembarambakkam Lake?

The sluice gates of the Chembarambakkam lake–which is one of the sources of drinking water for Chennai–were opened after a gap of five years. … The water release from the lake was gradually increased from 1,000 cusecs in the noon on Wednesday to 7,000 cusecs later in the night when Nivar cyclone brought intense rains.

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Is chembarambakkam opened?

The shutters of the Chembarambakkam reservoir were opened following heavy rains in Chennai since the morning of Tuesday, January 5. The shutters of the reservoir, located 25 kilometres from Chennai, was opened at 2 pm on Tuesday.

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