What is a Delhi boy?

Delhi boys generally talk in abusing filty language with same ages fellow when they meet each other on Roads. they actually don’t fight but way of expressing love.

What are Delhi guys like?

While the average Delhi man is rude, selfish, and disrespectful to women, there is also a breed of Delhi boys who are not. … These are the boys who care about their “maa-behen” at home. They get worried about their sisters returning late from a party and but they don’t tell her to stop partying.

How to impress Delhi boy?

Be yourself: Delhi boys absolutely adore girls who are honest and speak the truth. Be that girl.


  1. Never make it all about yourself: Never ever make the relationship all about yourself. …
  2. Never interfere in his space: It is most important to give space to your boyfriend. …
  3. Don’t act insecure: Trust your man.

How are Delhi guys Quora?

The Attitude of Delhi Boys in general depends upon their mood – seriously….. They are very sweet and generous in front of girls like – after you, hello, pleased to meet you but are many a times rude and arrogant when it comes to their macho reputation you know like Dilli ka hoo !!! types.

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What is a Delhi girl?

They are as much into faking accents and brands as they can rock at almost anything. They are moody, headstrong, dazzling, generous and 100% fabulous. If you are lucky enough to date a Delhi girl, these are the things you will find her doing in love. 10 Things That A Delhi Girl Will Do When In Love. 1.

Why are Delhi people so rude Quora?

Whole Delhi ncr(including current day Punjab, Haryana, western up)was under heavy influence of mughals and british rule. The mughals destroyed the whole culture and imposed the language assasination. It is actually not people, but the language is much more rude.

How can I impress a girl in Delhi Quora?

Originally Answered: How do I impress a Delhi girl ? All Delhi girl dont have attitude. Just make her friend,take her to Murthal ,have fun with her at North Campus. When you become her best friend,ask.

Is Delhi safe for girls?

According to the latest available National Crime Bureau Report from 2016, Delhi registers more crimes against women than the national average. Of the 225 acid attacks and attempted acid attacks reported nationwide, 23 were from Delhi. Of the 66,544 women abducted in India, 4,041 were from Delhi.

Why is South Delhi so expensive?

“The areas of South Delhi and South Mumbai have always seen high values because the people buying into these areas are typically end user buyers and ones with deep pockets,” Shveta Jain, Director (Residential Services), Cushman and Wakefield India Pvt. Ltd told Firstpost.

Why Delhi girls are so beautiful Quora?

Their beauty is less about genes and more about knowing how to carry themselves. Whatever the colour, shape, size , hairs is, girls here know how to make the best out of them. There is an intermixing of cultures in Delhi. People from every part of country come here.

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