What did Greeks call Indians?

The Greeks referred to the Indians as “Indói” (Greek: Ἰνδοί), literally meaning “the people of the Indus River”.

What was the Indian name given to Greek and Roman?

The Indian name given to Greek and Roman words are explained below: – “Indói” literally means ” The poeple of Indus River” in the greeks. – Yonas or “Yavanas” from lonians were called by Indians to the Greeks.

Were there Indians in ancient Greece?

Yes, ancient Indians (by which I mean people who inhabited the Indian subcontinent) did visit Greece, or at the very least, Greek colonies and Hellenic States, at times.

What does Herodotus say about India?

Herodotus in 4.40 is explicit about India being on the eastern fringe of the inhabitable world, “As far as India, Asia is an inhabited land; but thereafter, all to the east is desolation, nor can anyone say what kind of land is there.” (trans. A. D. Godley 1920)

Who named as India?

The name “India” is originally derived from the name of the river Sindhu (Indus River) and has been in use in Greek since Herodotus (5th century BCE). The term appeared in Old English as early the 9th century and reemerged in Modern English in the 17th century.

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Who is father of Indian history?

The father of indian history is Megasthenes due to his pioneering work of recording ethnographic observations which was then compiled into a volume known as INDIKA.

What is India’s old name?

Though not all of India, Aryavarta was the name for the Northern region of India. A name that is still used, the Persians named India Hind or Hindustan. India is officially called Bharat or the Republic of India and is called so after the Ruler Bharata.

What is India’s full name?

India, officially the Republic of India (Hindi: Bhārat Gaṇarājya), is a country in South Asia.


Republic of India Bhārat Gaṇarājya (see other local names)
Demonym(s) Indian

Which is older Greek mythology or Hindu?

First of all it is not Hindu Mythology, it is Indian History. Roman and Greek are mythologies. And Hindu culture has no beginning date like Greek and Roman. Hindu culture is the oldest.

Who are the descendants of Greeks?

According to his theory, the Turks of Western Anatolia are closest living descendants of ancient Greeks. According to Prof. Kitsikis, the Greeks of Modern Greece are rather mixed with Slavic nations, and thus not as ‘pure blood Hellenes’ as their Turkish cousins.

Who was the tallest king in India?

The ‘mountain man‘:

Maharana Pratap is revered as one of the strongest warriors India has ever seen. Standing at 7 feet 5 inches, he would carry a 80-kilogram spear and two swords weighing around 208 kilograms in total.

Did Herodotus visit India?

Herodotus himself never visited India proper but he wrote about the area. The furthest travels of Herodotus away from Halicarnassus and Athens appear…

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Which Greek scholar first wrote about India?

Megasthenes, (born c. 350 bc—died c. 290), ancient Greek historian and diplomat, author of an account of India, the Indica, in four books. An Ionian, he was sent by the Hellenistic king Seleucus I on embassies to the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta.

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