Quick Answer: How much is a taxi from Chennai to Pondicherry?

Chennai to Pondicherry Cab Included kms & Extra fare Cab Price
Ertiga (Specific model) 153 kms included Extra fare ₹28.5/km after 153 kms ₹5054 onwards
InnovaCrysta (Specific model) 153 kms included Extra fare ₹28.5/km after 153 kms ₹6511 onwards

How can I go from Chennai to Pondicherry?

The fastest way to reach from Chennai to Puducherry is cab to Puducherry and takes 3h 30m. The recommended way to reach from Chennai to Puducherry is cab to Puducherry and takes 3h 30m. Cabs from Gozo etc. Buses from Parveen Travels , Enjoy Bus, CSK Travels etc.

Is Uber available in Pondicherry?

Open your Uber app & enter your destination in Pondicherry. You’ll be able to view an Intercity option on the app. Select the Intercity option to request a flat fare ride to Pondicherry. Ride in comfort from your doorstep to anywhere in Pondicherry.

Is it safe to travel from Chennai to Pondicherry at night?

Do not travel during night time. Yes, you can but night time travel may gives you some goosebumps but you will enjoy. Morning 7.00Am to evening 6.00Pm will be the perfect timing for couples after that maximum people will choose buses or autos for their safety.

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Is Pondicherry better than Goa?

On the other hand, Pondicherry is a bit on the calmer side. The scene at the beaches in Pondicherry is quite different than in Goa. Pondicherry is more of a family holiday gateway whereas Goa is perfect for spending a great time with your friends.

How many days do you need in Pondicherry?

With being one of the most sought after tourist destinations in South India, there are many beautiful places in Pondicherry to visit for 2 days. Known as the French capital of India, Pondicherry is a good mix of cultural, heritage, and religious sites that can be explored in the short span of 2 days.

Is Ola or uber available in Pondicherry?

Ola and Uber cabs have launched their outstation cab services for Pondicherry at affordable rates. There are various scenic locations in this town within walking distance. … Tourist can hire private taxi operators like ola cab, meru cab, savaari taxi service to travel in and around Pondicherry.

Which is the best time to visit Pondicherry?

Although Pondicherry has a warm climate, October to March can be considered as an ideal time to visit.

Is Pondicherry airport operational?

Unfortunately Pondy does not have an Airport. … Pondicherry airport is not functional. You can go via Chennai.

How expensive is Pondicherry?

A vacation to Pondicherry for one week usually costs around ₨15,678 for one person. So, a trip to Pondicherry for two people costs around ₨31,357 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs ₨62,714 in Pondicherry.

Is Pondicherry safe at night?

Pondy is completely safe at night. But the markets, bars and eateries shut down by 11.00pm. As such there is no night life in Pondy , if you are expecting something similar to Goa with regards to night life, then Pondy is not the place. … You can find bars in french colony which is just parallel to the beach.

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Which route is best for Pondicherry?

The most popular driving route from Chennai to Pondicherry is the picturesque East Coast Road (ECR) that runs along the Bay of Bengal coastline.

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