Question: Where does junior live in part time Indian?

Plot. The book follows a fourteen-year-old Arnold Spirit Jr., also known as “Junior”, living with his family on the Spokane Indian Reservation near Wellpinit, Washington for a school year. It is told in episodic diary style, moving from the start of the school year to the beginning of summer.

How is Junior a part-time Indian?

Junior is a 14-year-old Spokane Indian who decides to go to the mostly white high school in nearby Reardan, Washington in order to have better opportunities in life. His cartoons help him to make sense of his experiences on and off the reservation.

What is the reservation in part-time Indian?

setting (place) The Spokane Indian Reservation and the town of Reardan in Washington state. protagonist Arnold Spirit, Jr. major conflict The major conflict of the novel is Junior’s struggle to find acceptance and belonging in two vastly different communities, the Spokane reservation and Reardan High.

Why does rowdy punch junior in the face?

He accuses Junior of having a superiority complex. Rowdy is upset because he thinks that Junior is rejecting their Native American heritage. If we refer to the text, we get a clear description of Rowdy’s pain. After hearing about Junior’s plans, he erupts into a keening scream and eventually punches Junior in the face.

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Why is part-time Indian banned?

Banned and challenged for profanity, sexual references, and allegations of sexual misconduct by the author.

Why is Arnold a part-time Indian?

In Sherman Alexie’s book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Arnold Spirit Jr. (nicknamed “Junior”) leaves the school of his reservation to go to a “white” school a few towns away. Arnold has a bit of an identity crisis, because he no longer feels fully “Indian,” but he doesn’t feel white, either.

Why is it significant that rowdy performed well at most competitions?

Rowdy sings the blues

It is significant that Rowdy performs well at most competitions because he is the only one from his school that is as good as many of the other schools. Rowdy reacts angrily to Junior’s decision to move schools and says Junior is joking.

Why does Arnold feel like a stranger?

Like Alexie, Arnold Spirit, Jr. has two hometowns as well. There is hisfamily’s home on the Spokane Indian Reservation, and then there’s his place at the white highschool in Reardan. Though he should be at home in both places, sometimes Arnold feels like acomplete stranger. … Because it gives Arnold Spirit, Jr.

Do rowdy and junior become friends again?

So yes, Rowdy and Junior become friends again and seemingly are working to repair the damage that has been done to their initially strong friendship.

Why does Mr P want Junior to leave the reservation?

Mr. P tells Junior to leave the reservation for good if he wants to retain hope in his life and to hold on to his aspirations and dreams for his future. He doesn’t want Junior to ‘fade away’ or to fail, like the rest of his ancestors or even his sister, who has given up hope of becoming a writer.

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What is the theme of Part-Time Indian?

“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian” carries strong themes of racism and perseverance. The theme of racism is topical and will probably be for the foreseeable future; but, it is not why I love this book.

Why does junior like to draw?

In the first chapter of the novel, Junior says that he likes to draw because he can communicate through images what he cannot say in words. … When Junior is having a tough time and wants to express himself, pictures are an easier and more universal way to do this than trying to find the words to match his feelings.

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