Question: What do Indian meal moths feed on?

Do Indian meal moths eat sugar?

Indian meal moths can infest a wide variety of different stored and dried goods. They could feed on cereal, pasta, bread, pet food, nuts, seeds, flour, dried fruit, sugar, or even spices.

How do you treat Indian meal moths?

How Do I Get Rid of Indian Meal Moths?

  1. Inspection: Empty cabinets and pantries and check inside every food package. …
  2. Thorough Cleanup: Use a vacuum to remove spilled food and insects from the empty shelves while paying close attention to the cracks and gaps between shelves and cabinet walls.

Do Indian meal moths eat wool?

Indian meal moths feed on grain and stored food, not on fabric. Indian meal moths are attracted to light and may fly away from the pantry into bedrooms, where they are often mistaken for clothes moths.

Can Indian meal moths survive without food?

How can I rid them completely before we decide to sell our house? A: Indian meal moths, Plodia interpunctella, cannot reproduce for generations without food, be it cereal products, dried fruit, dehydrated vegetables, nuts, candy or dog food.

What do Indian meal moths hate?

Preventing Pantry Moth Infestations

Leave peppermint, bay leaves, mint or cedar chips exposed within the area, perhaps in a sachet. Inspect your cabinets and pantry on a regular basis.

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Where do Indian meal moths hide?

The larvae of the Indian Meal Moth has the power to bite through plastic and cupboards, which means that these pests could be secretly hiding in your cupboards waiting to emerge this spring.

Where do Indian meal moths lay their eggs?

Indian Meal Moth Habits

Lay Their Eggs: They lay their eggs in foods like flours, cereals, grains, grain products, dried fruit, dried food, seeds, powder milk, chocolates, candy, chocolates, and specially dry pet foods. Webs: They make a lot of webs in the food stuff that Indian Meal Moths infest.

What do pantry moths hate?

Wipe shelves, food containers, and other surfaces with white vinegar. For added protection, use a few drops of essential oil like peppermint, citronella, eucalyptus, or tea tree. To prevent infestation, store foods in airtight glass, metal, or plastic containers. Bay leaves repel pantry insects.

How long do Indian meal moth eggs live?

The life cycle (egg to adult) can take as few as 27 days or as long as 305 days.

Do Indian meal moths fly?

While the adults are weak flier, Indianmeal moths are mobile and capable of finding suitable food resources. When flying, Indianmeal moths fly in an irregular, zig-zag pattern. Adult Indianmeal moths are chiefly night flyers, becoming most active at dusk. They are attracted to light, and can be attracted to TV’s.

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