Question: Is Delhi hotter than Mumbai?

Delhi is located at the center of India. The high humidity of Mumbai causes temperature that is generally hotter than expected above 26- 28 degrees Celsius. The temperature in Mumbai is almost constant all year long even in Winters. The temperature of Delhi is sub tropical whereas the temperature of Mumbai is tropical.

Is Mumbai or Delhi more hot?

For decades, Mumbai has challenged Delhi by claiming to be the country’s most developed metropolis. … However, by an important environmental comparison, Mumbai fares worse than Delhi. It has more urban heat islands, despite being located on the coast and registering lower maximum temperatures.

Is Delhi colder than Mumbai?

Mumbai was also colder than Delhi, which was at 9.4 degrees Celsius. … The suburbs recorded a minimum temperature of 8.5 degrees Celsius while South Mumbai was at 13.4 degrees Celsius.

Is Delhi warmer than Mumbai in May?

Mumbai’s temperature in May on an average does not exceed 35 degrees. (When I was young, it never went above 33, now 2 deg. extra is global warming bonus). Delhi, on the other hand may touch 40 deg. or more.

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Why is Delhi hotter?

The urban heat island effect makes localities hotter than others due to factors like concretisation, population density and the density of the land-use area. A new study has found parts of the city recording an increase in the surface and canopy-level heat index of 4-6 degrees Celsius by 1.30am.

Which city is richer Mumbai or Delhi?

Hurun India on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, released the Wealth Report for 2020 which states that Mumbai is the ‘richest city‘ in the country. … Report states that there are 16,000 billionaires in New Delhi and 10,000 in Kolkata; and Maharashtra ranks first among the states with 56,000 rich people.

Is Mumbai better or Delhi?

Delhi is far better than Mumbai where the standard of living is concerned. Though it has been in the news recently for high levels of pollution and the problem of smog, the infrastructure in Delhi is better, the roads are wider and cleaner, there is more breathing space with a lesser crowd as in comparison to Mumbai.

Which is the No 1 city in India?

The following is a list of top cities in India

Serial no. Indian Cities Population
1 Mumbai 1,24,42,373
2 Delhi 1,67,87,941
3 Bangalore 84,43,675
4 Hyderabad 67,31,790

Why Delhi is so cold?

Winter arrives in Delhi by early November. … These cold waves are caused by a depression created by Western Disturbance, which bring cloud cover and winter rains to the Plains, and add to snowfall in the North-Western Indian Subcontinent.

Which is the richest city in the India?

10 Richest Cities in India That You Must Visit

  • Mumbai. Haven’s we all heard about the City of Dreams? …
  • Delhi. The next stop on our list is the capital of India, Delhi. …
  • Kolkata. The ‘City of Joy’ that was once the capital of colonial India, Kolkata! …
  • Bengaluru. …
  • Chennai. …
  • Hyderabad. …
  • Pune. …
  • Ahmedabad.
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Does Mumbai have snow?

The climate in Mumbai is usually hot and humid. So, it does not snow in Mumbai.

Does it ever snow in Delhi?

Can it snow in Delhi? It almost did! … While hailstorms are not rare in Delhi, their occurrence is infrequent. Now, hail and snow are entirely different phenomenon, but with the mercury at nearly freezing point, and with the weather going wonky across the world, never say never!

Which month is hottest in Delhi?

According to IMD records, the maximum temperature in Delhi touched 43.5°C on July 2 both in 2012 and 1987. On Wednesday, Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 43.5°C, which is the highest so far this season. The minimum temperature on the day was 28.2°C.

Why Noida is so hot?

According to the weathermen the region may experience heat wave for the next two days due to extremely dry weather conditions. “The heat wave is due to several reasons, including the dry northwesterly winds (overcoming the moisture laden southwest monsoon winds), no clouds and no rains.

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