Is Apache Indian in the Lynx advert?

The song in the 2020 Lynx Africa advert is called Boom Shack a Lak by singer Apache Indian.

Who is the actress in the Lynx advert?

Rachel Grant – British Philippine actress and TV host, award-winning producer and travel writer, also known as Peaceful from James Bond.

Who are the people in the Lynx advert?

The brand overhaul which covers everything from a new look and feel on pack to a raft of new, innovative products, will also be celebrated with a new advert featuring brand ambassadors Anthony Joshua, Chunkz, Calfreezy and Aitch.

Who is in the Lynx advert 2021?

This is ‘The New Lynx Effect’ 2021 advert for Lynx that offers viewers the chance to ‘Smell Iconic’ and stars brand ambassadors professional boxer Anthony Joshua, rapper Aitch, YouTuber and gamer Calfreezy, and musician and fellow YouTuber Chunkz.

What is the music in the Lynx Africa advert?

Celebrating 25 years, this latest Lynx Africa advert music is a track called ‘Boom Shack-A-Lak‘ that was released back in 1993. The dancehall track was recorded by the British singer-songwriter and reggae DJ, Apache Indian.

Is Calfreezy in the Lynx advert?

Deodorant brand Lynx released a new advert for their latest product, featuring boxing champion Anthony Joshua and YouTuber Calfreezy.

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What’s the new Lynx called?

It’s marketed as Lynx in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Axe (brand)

Product type Men’s grooming products
Markets Worldwide

Is chunks in the Lynx advert?

The colourful ad features a protagonist strutting his stuff on the street thanks to his daily dose of Lynx. … The band-new advert features many stars including rapper Aitch, professional boxer Anthony Joshua (and his dog), YouTuber Calfreezy and musician and YouTuber Chunks.

Who sponsors Lynx?

Gfinity has brought a mainstream brand on board as a sponsor of its Elite Series, this time it’s Lynx – the shower gel and deodorant brand.

What is the Lynx effect?

A Cumbrian teenager was roused from an unconscious state after smelling the much-maligned body spray. Kacper Krauze, from Cumbria, came round from a coma after smelling his favourite Lynx deodorant.

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