How can I recharge my Saudi number from India?

Can we recharge Saudi number from India?

Recharge mobile Saudi Arabia

Online mobile recharge at Here you can easily top up your call credit and data to Saudi Arabia from anywhere in the world. Below you can choose the carrier you want to refill. Your topup will be sent as a recharge code by email.

How can I recharge my Saudi mobile from India?

How does it work?

  1. Select ‘Airtime’ as the service in the ‘Send to’ box on our app or website.
  2. Enter and confirm your recipient’s phone number.
  3. Once a valid number has been entered, you’ll be presented with a range of top-up amounts available for that operator.
  4. Choose the amount you want to send and pay online.

How can I recharge my UAE number from India?

Log on to to recharge your prepaid account easily, quickly and securely. Enter your mobile number, the amount, and pay using your credit or debit card.

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Can I recharge international number from India?

First you have to choose the other country that you want to do international mobile recharge to from India. Choose the amount you want to recharge. Finally, you pay for your recharge. … The top-up is immediately sent to the international mobile phone.

How can I use Saudi SIM in India?

Activate the foreign SIM in Saudi Arabia

  1. Insert the Airtel, Jio, Jazz, or any other foreign SIM in your mobile.
  2. Go to Settings > Network Settings > Mobile Network.
  3. Choose the network manually to “STC”.

How can I recharge my money?

Recharge your prepaid mobile phone

  1. Step 1: Add your number. Open Google Pay . From the bottom of the screen, swipe up. Tap New. Recharge Prepaid Mobile. …
  2. Step 2: Recharge your account. Choose a type of recharge: Pay a custom amount: Tap Search . Enter the amount that you’d like to recharge.

How can I recharge my mobile?

How to Make Prepaid Mobile Recharge Online?

  1. Enter the phone number you want to carry out the online recharge for.
  2. Select the option from Prepaid/ Postpaid.
  3. Select your mobile operator.
  4. Select the circle you belong to.
  5. Check the online recharge plans designed exclusively for you or fill in the amount you want to recharge.

How can I transfer mobile balance to India?

Transfer Balance from Mobily to India

  1. Write the code: TR {space} (the number of the recipient).
  2. Example: TR 919650396529.
  3. Send it to 600900.
  4. Select the amount you desire to transfer to India and reply back its code; …
  5. Mobily will send a message that you are sending PKR XX to the recipient number.
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How can I send balance to Pakistan?

Transfer a balance from STC/Sawa to Pakistan

  1. Write: 133*Pakistani Mobile Number*Reference Code.
  2. Example: 133*00923333878190*1.
  3. Send it to 801500. Reference Code “1” will transfer 110 PKR for SR 5.5. Reference Code “2” will transfer 250 PKR for SR 12.5. Reference Code “3″ will transfer 300 PKR for SR 15.

How can I change STC to English?

In order to change the SIM contact language from Arabic to English or vice versa.

  1. Write STC language change code “1390” in an SMS.
  2. Send it to 900.

How can I recharge my Mobily card in Saudi Arabia?

Mobily Card Recharge Code

  1. Dial *1400*Mobily-Voucher-No#
  2. Example: *1400*1234567890#

How can I recharge Sri Lanka number from India?

Sending reload to Sri Lanka has never been easier

  1. Choose amount to send. Choose one of our great offers.
  2. Enter the number to top-up. The lucky recipient; a loved one or even yourself.
  3. Connect your world. Add your details, select a payment method and your top-up is sent!

Can I recharge Nepal number from India?

There are just 4 simple steps; Enter Number, Select Operator, Select or fill the amount details & click on Recharge and Payment. The service allows everyone to add funds through bank accounts using e-banking service. Currently, we have payment gateway of Payumoney and more gateway options will be added in future.

Can I top up my mobile phone online?

Where Can I Top Up My Mobile Phone Online? Whoever your UK mobile provider is, you can top up your phone online on We offer call credit and data top-up for: Three, EE, Lebara, Lycamobile, O2, Vodafone, Tesco Mobile, Giffgaff and Asda Mobile.

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