Frequent question: Which area is safe in Bangalore?

Whitefield is very well-connected to the rest of Bangalore, it is also the main junction between key highways connecting Vizag and Hyderabad. In a pool of numerous IT companies, this place is buzzing with working professionals and entrepreneurs making it one of the safest places to live in Bangalore.

Which is the best area to stay in Bangalore?

Top 10 Posh Areas in Bangalore (Best Residential Places &…

  • Jayanagar.
  • Koramangala.
  • Malleshwaram.
  • Rajaji Nagar.
  • Frazer Town.
  • Sadashivanagar.
  • HSR Layout.
  • Bellundur.

Is Bangalore safe city?

Crime rates in Bangalore, India

Level of crime 55.88 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs 48.49 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 55.82 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 50.48 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery 80.14 Very High

Is Bangalore a safe place for girls?

According to an annual survey conducted by a popular online travel portal, Bangalore was recently ranked above Mumbai on women’s safety. While the city beats last year’s top 1 safe city — Mumbai — it has gone down from number 2 to number 3 this year.

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Is Banglore dangerous?

This puts the city just below New Delhi and Mumbai in the number of cases reported on crimes against women. … While Delhi tops the chart with 11,449 cases, Mumbai stands a distant second with 2,946 cases, closely followed by Bangalore with 2,608 cases.

Which is the cheapest area in Bangalore?

Now! The Cheapest Place to Live in Bangalore

  • Malleswaram. One of the oldest residential areas of Bangalore known for its social and cultural heritage. …
  • Kammanahalli. …
  • Basavanagudi. …
  • Marathahalli. …
  • Bellandur. …
  • Yelahanka. …
  • Hebbal. …
  • KR Puram.

Which is the richest area in Bangalore?

Top 10 posh localities in Bengaluru

  • Basavanagudi.
  • Benson Town.
  • Cooke Town.
  • Indira Nagar.
  • Koramangala.
  • Malleswaram.
  • Rajajinagar.
  • Richmond Town.

Is living in Bangalore expensive?

Compared to any other metropolitan city, the cost of living in Bangalore is comparatively affordable. Well, your living factors depends on various things such as rental accommodation, food, education, transport, etc.

Is Bangalore better than Mumbai?

Bangalore offers 6.22% lower prices of consumer goods in comparison to Mumbai. Rentals and other consumer prices are 26.18% lower in Bangalore as compared to Mumbai. … Prices of restaurants are lower in Bangalore by 21.74% as compared to Mumbai. Groceries are 3.04% cheaper in Bangalore as compared to Mumbai.

Is Bangalore safer than Delhi?

It is most notorious place in India. Any city other than Delhi is safe. Bangalore. People out there are not high handed they work in the IT sector companies (9–7 job) and therefore there is no vanity whereas if you happen to see Delhi you will find most of them are the business class households .

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Which state is unsafe for girl in India?

As of 2016, Delhi is the least safe State/UT with the highest cognizable crime rate of 160.4 (per 100,000 persons).. Lakshwadeep has the lowest incidence of crime based on the percentage of share.

Indian states ranking by safety of women.

State/UT Maharashtra
2014 15393
2015 13904
2016 13400
Percentage Share of State/UT (2016) 4.0

Where can unmarried couples stay in Bangalore?

Couple Friendly Hotels in Bangalore (233 OYOs)

  • 3.6 (352) SPOT ON 39787 Radha Krishna Deluxe Lodge 2.6 km. …
  • 4.7 (7) OYO 22471 Middle East Residency 7.1 km. …
  • 3.6 (528) OYO 62768 Gm Royals 9.6 km. …
  • Home. 4 (20) …
  • SPOT ON 48699 Hotel PawanSree Deluxe Lodge 2.2 km. …
  • 4 (236) …
  • 4.1 (1517) …
  • Premium.

Which city is safe for girl in India?

Which is the Safest City in India in 2021? As per the latest NCRB data, Kolkata comes out on top in safety, not just for women, but overall as well.

Is Bangalore Safe 2020?

OVERALL RISK : LOW. Bangalore is probably much safer than many other large cities in India, but given the fact that it’s a large city, you must use caution all the time.

Is Delhi safe for girls?

According to the latest available National Crime Bureau Report from 2016, Delhi registers more crimes against women than the national average. Of the 225 acid attacks and attempted acid attacks reported nationwide, 23 were from Delhi. Of the 66,544 women abducted in India, 4,041 were from Delhi.

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Which is the crime city of India?

As of 2019,. Delhi had the highest crime rate (incidence of crime per 100,000 population) among all States of India at 1586.1, rising steeply from 1342.5. Barring Kerala(1287.7), all other states and union territories had a significantly lower crime rate.

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