Frequent question: How can I get refund from Air India Express?

Is Air India refunding money for Cancelled flights?

AirAsia India said in a statement that it has processed refunds for 99% of the over 240,000 PNRs impacted due to cancelled flights, and the amounts were processed to the original source—the passenger’s account or credit card, or returned to the online or offline travel agent.

Is Air India giving full refund?

Air India Ordered To Refund All Cancelled Tickets In 21 Days: Follow These Steps Right Now. Air India has now been instructed by the Supreme Court to pay of the credit shells to the passengers.

How do I contact Air India for refund?

Call 24×7 Customer Care numbers 0124-2641407 / 020-26231407 / 1860 233 1407 from MTNL / BSNL lines and Mobile / landlines of most private telecom operators in India only.

How much money will be refunded on cancellation of flight ticket?

Refund as per Airline cancellation policy will be Rs. 4750. This amount will be credited into the payment mode chosen by customer. Refund as per Free Cancellation cover – 2500+250 = Rs.

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Can you get a refund on a non refundable airline ticket in India?

Passengers can now cancel their non-refundable air tickets until two hours before departure and get a refund of taxes, fuel surcharge, passenger service fee and user development fee. … “Air India now charges Rs 150 for cancellation of a domestic ticket.

What is the cancellation fee for Air India ticket?

Air India Cancellation Fee

Time Period Cancellation Charges
72 hours to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time Rs. 3,700 or its equivalent along with local currency and convenience/transaction fee per segment per passenger

What are the cancellation charges for Air India?

Wherever the cancellation charge is in excess of the sum of {Basic + Fuel Surcharge}, 100% of Basic & Fuel Surcharge + Transaction/ Convenience Fee will be deducted. 3.

Are Vande Bharat flights refundable?

TAAI also asked Air India to allow agents to book Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) flights. … TAAI also pointed out that Air India is the one of the airlines which is not permitting refunds on GDS, and hence passengers are unable to get their money back.

What rights do I have if my flight is Cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled. You have the legal right to either: a full refund – including other flights from the airline that you won’t use in the same booking such as onward or return flights. a replacement flight to get you to your destination.

Do you get refund if your flight is Cancelled?

Cancelled FlightA passenger is entitled to a refund if the airline cancelled a flight, regardless of the reason, and the passenger chooses not to travel.

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Will we get refund for Cancelled flights?

According to EC 261, all cancelled flights are entitled to either a: Full or partial refund of your ticket, with a return flight to your original departure point if needed. Earliest possible alternative transport to your final destination. A new ticket to your final destination at a later date of your choosing.

How long does it take for Air India to refund?

Air India Refunds

“It is our endeavor to process refunds within 21 working days,” Air India Added.

What if Air India flight gets Cancelled?

You will not be compensated if you have decided to cancel your flight. On Air India website, we can assist you to rebook your ticket. There are chances of being asked extra money for rebooking fees, as well as handling charges, based on kind of ticket bought.

How do I contact Airindia?

Call 24×7 Customer Care numbers 0124-2641407 / 020-26231407 / 1860 233 1407 from MTNL / BSNL lines and Mobile / landlines of most private telecom operators in India only.

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