Best answer: What is meaning of India according to Oxford dictionary?

/ˈɪndiə/ /ˈɪndiə/ ​a country in southern Asia which used to be part of the British Empire. It became independent and a member of the Commonwealth in 1947. Culture.

What is the dictionary meaning of India?

Via Latin from Greek India, from Indos, the name of the River Indus, from Persian Hind, from Sanskrit sindhu ‘river’, specifically ‘the Indus’, also ‘the region around the Indus’ (compare with Sindhi). Both the Greeks and the Persians extended the name to include all the country east of the Indus.

What is the meaning of India according to Britishers?

British India were the areas of South Asia which for hundreds of years was under the influence of the English (later the British). … British India included the regions of the present-day People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Republic of India, Burma and Pakistan (1858–13th August 1947).

How many Indian words are in Oxford dictionary?

The 384 words in the 10th edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary come with an Indian English label, including 22 new additions in print and 26 in the online edition. These include headwords and also some individual meanings or idioms.

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When was India defined?

Official name Republic of India . a republic in S Asia: a union comprising 25 states and 7 union territories; formerly a British colony; gained independence Aug. 15, 1947; became a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations Jan. 26, 1950.

Who gave name India?

The name India is derived from the river ‘Sindhu’ or Indus as called by the ancient Greeks. S from Bharat became I in west, hence Sindhu became Indus. And the land of Indus was called Indica or India.

Why Bharat is called India?

“Bhārat”, the name for India in several Indian languages, is variously said to be derived from the name of either Dushyanta’s son Bharata or Rishabha’s son Bharata. … The name “India” is originally derived from the name of the river Sindhu (Indus River) and has been in use in Greek since Herodotus (5th century BCE).

What is the abbreviation of India?


Acronym Definition
INDIA International Noble Work Development and Investigation Association (India)
INDIA I Nearly Died in Adoration
INDIA Integrador Nacional de los Descendientes de Indigenas Americanos (Spanish: National Integrator of the Descendants of American Indians; Uruguay)
INDIA I Never Delay in Action

Who is the president of India?

How many Indian words are in English?

A simple phrase or term through reiteration can spark off new inferences, morphing into something unrecognizable. There are as many as 1,000 words of Indian origin in the English language, and counting.

What is the most used word in India?

Several most-commonly used words in India like ‘jugaad’, ‘dadagiri’, ‘achcha’, ‘bapu’ and ‘surya namaskar’ are now part of the Oxford dictionary, the OED said in a statement. Oftenly used terms like ‘timepass’, ‘natak’ and ‘chup’ also have their meanings in the dictionary now.

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Which Indian word has been added in Oxford dictionary?

From Abba to Dadagiri and Gulab Jamun, 70 Indian words added to Oxford dictionary. From endearing words like ‘Abba’ and ‘Anna’ to Indian delicacies like ‘gulab jamun’ and ‘vada’ can now be found in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

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