Best answer: How do you get the bigger rupee bag in Twilight Princess?

The Big Wallet is given to you by Agitha after clearing the Twilight enemies from Lanayru Province. She’ll then ask you to find and collect Golden Bugs scattered throughout Hyrule and bring them back to her. Giving her one Golden Bug will see her yield this upgrade, which allows Link to carry up to 600 rupees.

How do I carry more rupees in Twilight Princess?

Wallet upgrades in Twilight Princess are obtained from Agitha, the princess of the insect kingdom, situated in Hyrule Castle Town. The Big Wallet can be obtained from her by presenting her with one Golden Bug. The Big Wallet allows Link to carry 600 Rupees (1,000 in Twilight Princess HD).

How do you get a bigger bomb bag in Zelda Twilight Princess?

The Giant Bomb Bag is an item in Twilight Princess that doubles the storage capacity of all of Link’s Bomb Bags. This buff even applies to all Bomb Bags Link obtains later. To acquire this item, Link must score 25 points or higher in the mini-game Iza’s Rapid Ride.

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Is there a bigger wallet in Twilight Princess?

Big Wallet

Find one Golden Bug across Hyrule and give it to her. She will give Link the first wallet upgrade, the Big Wallet, which will hold up to 600 rupees (1000 in Twilight Princess HD).

How do you get a giant wallet?

The Giant Wallet is the best Wallet found within Majora’s Mask. It has a Rupee capacity of 500 Rupees, the smallest of the three Giant Wallets found within the series. It is acquired by defeating 30 Gold Skulltulas in the Oceanside Spider House in Great Bay Coast.

What is the biggest wallet in Twilight Princess?

The Big Wallet from Skyward Sword The Big Wallet is given to Link by Batreaux after he collects 30 Gratitude Crystals. It can hold up to 1,000 Rupees. Its capacity can be increased further with three Extra Wallets, allowing for a maximum of 1,900 Rupees.

How do I get a bigger wallet in Ocarina of Time?

The Giant’s Wallet is acquired by first defeating 30 Gold Skulltulas and then collecting all 30 Gold Skulltula Tokens, and finally bringing them to the third child in the House of Skulltula. He thanks Link for breaking the curse and gives him the Giant’s Wallet.

How many bombs can you carry Twilight Princess?

The reward the first time (Get 25 points) will be the Giant Bomb Bag, which permanently DOUBLES your bomb bag spaces, that you can hold 60 normal bombs in one bomb bag!

How do you unblock Upper Zora River?

Jump down, then exit to the south to get to Upper Zora’s River. Speak to Iza who is standing outside her cabin over the river. This will trigger the appearance of those shadow beings. Defeat them (2 hits with sword will do it), then Iza will ask for your help unblocking the river.

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How do you get double Clawshot?

In Twilight Princess, Link acquires his second Clawshot in the seventh dungeon of the game, the City in the Sky. After defeating the mini-boss of the dungeon, an Aeralfos, he can open a chest and find another Clawshot. Combined with the one he found in the Lakebed Temple, he creates the Double Clawshots.

Where is Agitha Twilight Princess?

Agitha’s Castle is a location featured in Twilight Princess. It is situated within Castle Town, more specifically on the Castle Town South Road. It is the home of Agitha, a cheerful young girl who gives Link prizes for bringing finding and returning Golden Bugs.

What’s the biggest wallet in Majora’s Mask?

The Giant Wallet (sometimes incorrectly called Giant’s Wallet) is an Item in Majora’s Mask that allows Link to carry up to 500 Rupees at a time. Location: Enter the Coastal Skultulla House near the fisherman’s hut and bomb the entrance.

How many gold Skulltulas are there?

There are 100 gold skulltulas in Ocarina of Time.

How do you get the biggest bomb bag in Majora’s Mask?

The Biggest Bomb Bag can be obtained by either stopping the Hot Rodder Goron’s wild rolling in Goron City under the big overhang or as a reward in the Bombchu Bowling Alley as one of five prizes. The Biggest Bomb Bag will allow Link to hold up to 40 Bombs.

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